Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Fun Saturday

One nice thing about having a party- it is a reason to clean the house.  Not that we don't clean normally but sometimes you need something to motivate you to do things that tend to slack off- like dealing with the recycling of bottles, really cleaning the counters and sorting through that pile of papers/magazines/stuff that accumulates.  
We started the day with a good breakfast before getting to work straightening up.  Below is just one more reason I LOVE getting local, not factory farmed eggs:

I mean, really, what factory farmed operation would include this monster in its box?  It was HUGE!!!  The box barely closed over it.  V ate it for breakfast and it had a double yolk- and it was probably about the size of two 'regular' eggs.  Poor chicken.....

We hosted our second annual sledding party this afternoon.  We didn't have quite as many people as last year- I think a consequence of having it on Saturday afternoon rather than Sunday. (I think there were more conflicts for people on Saturday afternoon)  But still, we had 5 families show up.  I13's friend Nikki came over as well.  It was fun- apart from our children and Nikki- all the children here were 6 and under with the youngest about 2.
 Getting ready to go.  A friendly push is always welcome...
 Toasting marshmallows in January and having s'mores.  Mmmmm.....
Checking out the slopes!
Everyone who came asked if we would be hosting again next year.  Most likely, we will.  This is fun for us as well and pretty easy to host.  Starting the fire and setting up the seating around it was probably the most labor intensive.  Otherwise, apart from cleaning up (which needed done regardless) I baked some cookies, warmed some apple cider in the crock pot and supplied hot chocolate mix, hot water and s'mores ingredients.  Pretty low key.  And J16 thinks she may have scored a babysitting job.  The littlest girl (Annie) was getting too cold (It was low 20's) so she stayed inside with J16 for a while and her mom was impressed with how well Justine interacted with her so got her phone number.
I am sad to say that we did have an injury on the slopes today, though.  Two dads were sled racing down the hill and crashed into each other.  One ended up with a snow burn on his chin.  Nothing too major but we used it as a teaching point for the children to be careful.  Leave it to the dads to get injured!  LOL!!

I hope you all had as great a Saturday as I did.


  1. What a great way to spend a Saturday!! Sled riding, hot cocoa, warm cider!!! Sounds like a blast! One of these years you'll have 20!! lol...debbie

  2. Oh my goodness how much fun does that look! Not too much chance of us sledding here, perhaps on the sand dunes it might work :)

    Lucky thing.

    ps when I want the bathroom cleaned, I invite someone over for dinner. Motivates me every time!

  3. Looks so fun! It will definitely become an event every year - wait til' you're a grandparent, they will count on it!

  4. What a coincidence, I spent the whole day in front of a fire too. But mine was in the cozy confines of my fireplace inside. I bet everyone at your fire slept better than those at mine. Nothing like the cold fresh air to induce good sleeping.

  5. what a great idea! I wish we had somewhere here to do this, sounds like fun!


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