Saturday, January 29, 2011

Girls day out

J16 and I ended up having a sort of girls day out today.  It started off as a trip to the DMV to get her replacement permit.  She needs to get in driving time so I let her drive on all the errands I had to run.  Bird seed at one store, dog and cat food and a few stock up items at the grocery store... the usual Saturday stuff. Then, when we were at the grocery store V calls.  He has been having trouble with 'winter legs'- you know - that horribly dry skin that happens in the winter.  Anyway, he asked us to go downtown to The Soap Opera, a small shop that specializes in bath and body needs, with many products made by/for them or locally made.  There is a lotion that we used to get often for his legs in the winter but he hasn't needed it in years- I can't touch it because it has lanolin in it which gives me dermatitis.
So, we went downtown.  While we were there, we stopped for lunch (Mmm, french onion soup..) and stopped in at the library so J16 could replace her library card.  We also checked out a couple of other shops and the newish bakery/health/grocery store downtown where we picked up some organic spinach, hummus and some tea.  All in all a lovely afternoon.
I am so thankful that at 16, she is still willing to be seen with me in public and actually enjoys having lunch and shopping together.  We have frightfully similar taste in many things so it isn't a chore for either of us.  I am well aware that our relationship is definitely among the minority of mother-daughter relationships and for that- I'm grateful.  I guess I've done something right along the way.


  1. I too, always enjoyed "hanging out" my my mom! Good for you guys, nice bonding time. I guess if anything good came out of that missing wallet thing, it's probably that she will be uber-aware of it at all times now, better to learn now than when she's older and is packed full of credit cards, etc!

  2. Kelly and I always got along pretty well too. There was a period of time, of about 2 years that we weren't and a friend of mine told me to be patient, that she would be back about age 23...and she was right. We are very close now. Daughters are so neat to have! You had a busy Sat. replacing all that she lost. Such a shame ~ but good she has replacements and hubby got his lotion! ...debbie

  3. Judy, please stop by my posts today, I have a little something for you. I do so enjoy your Blog!...debbie


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