Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gothsta- it's what's for dinner!!!!

A total impulse buy- not at all local or sustainable: Italian pasta colored with squid ink.

 But it does make for a fun dinner!  Check out J16's new hair color!


  1. J16 is a girl after my own heart at that age. I did the same thing only it was a more blue purple. :) That spaghetti is wild! Did it taste any different?

  2. Hi! Her hair has actually faded a bit. It was much more dark purple in the front/top and magenta on the sides when she did it about 2 weeks ago.
    The pasta didn't really taste any different but I did notice a very, very faint fishy smell to the steam while it was cooking. It was FUN!! with many, many comments about worms and snakes at dinner.

  3. I showed Matthew the pictures of the pasta thinking, being a boy, he'd love it. He solemnly said he didn't think it liked good at all. That boy kills me!

  4. I love her hair! Did the son do the cooking? Like the "Goth Spaghetti" LOL

  5. Holy Cow. that is most interesting looking pasta drooling from the mouths of your little babes!! lol Squid ink J16's hair is colorful! fun looking! think I'll stick with whole wheat


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