Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh, Phooey

I had some disappointing news today.  I got news about my request to reduce my work hours.  It wasn't exactly a no... but it was a "While we understand and support your request... blah, blah, blah".  The upshot is that I will be able to reduce my hours at some point in the future, for now, I have to wait.   With one of our therapists set to retire at the end of May, administration is unwilling to let me reduce my hours until her replacement has been hired.  They are worried that my reduction in hours will jeopardize patient care if we are unable to fill her position in a timely manner.
So, I have to wait, and the likelihood of this happening by spring planting is slim to none.  But, one bonus, they are now able to advertise the new position as a 60% position instead of the 50% that will be vacant.  We are trying to advocate for hiring a full time therapist, which would allow us to expand the services we offer as well as provide service on holidays- not that I WANT to work holidays but we know it's coming...
However, we aren't holding our breath on that one in these times of budget crunches.

But, in better news.  V mailed in his book contract today.  He has to get on the ball now.  He has to have the photos and illustrations ready by the end of May and the finished manuscript in June.  He was whining a bit about having to set up a calendar/schedule for himself so he can keep on top of all his projects.  Poor guy- he has to actually live by deadlines.


  1. You can do it, it might suck LOL, but you will get work done with a smile and you will get planted... put those kids to work! :) Hoping for your May hire....!

  2. Living by set schedules is a must if you don' t want to get in a panic come end of April. We had a friend who writes geological stuff and he is forever behind on his schedule. Nature of the beast I guess. Sorry you can't cut your hours just yet. Hopefully the job will be filled quickly dispite the economy...debbie

  3. That sucks!

    Very cool though on V getting all the book stuff together. :) Must be exciting!


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