Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ugh,  I wasn't able to avoid the stomach malady that has been making its rounds at work.  I left work early yesterday and stayed home again today.  I am feeling a bit better but not well enough that I feel motivated to go to work.  That, and it was snowing and I just couldn't face getting out of bed.  So, I slept until 10:15- definitely a sign that I'm sick since I can never usually sleep that long.  I ate some toast a while ago and that went well so maybe I'll move up to some soup for lunch.
I spent some time last evening making up my seed order wish list.  I'm hoping to go through my seed collection and see what I've got this afternoon.  Then, it's on to the final list.  I'm planning, in addition to my order with Baker Creek, to place an order with Cook's Garden.  I had such good luck with the broccoli blend I got from them in the past that I want more.  That, and I want to try their rainbow cauliflower mix.
I'm debating if I want to plant the galeux d'eysines again this year or if I want to try something a bit smaller.  These were really tasty but the size was a bit overwhelming.  I'll have to see...  I also want to be careful about cross pollination with my squash varieties.  I've got a couple of varieties in mind.....


  1. I hope you feel better, Judy. It's been a couple of months for me so I fear I'll be coming down with some winter bug soon myself!

  2. Judy, am sorry your feeling puny today and hope by tomorrow your feeling better. Kelly had that stomach thing. It went around Bob's office, luckly so far he didn't get it. Kelly was really sick for a day. Hope yer up and attum tomorrow!! ...debbie


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