Monday, January 3, 2011

January Harvest?

Yup, we had a harvest.  Ok, Ok, it was only 4 beans but still, we harvested 4 beans.  And with 3 steps from the window to the stove, they were the freshest cooked beans in history.  I added them in with the rest of the veggies in last night's soup.  Hmmm... tasty.  And another harvest (of a sort) tonight.  I was making Enchanted Broccoli Forest this evening for dinner and it called for dried mint.  Well, I don't have any dried mint in my kitchen (unless I wanted to open a tea bag).  But, thinking about what was growing just over the porch rail last summer, I grabbed a flashlight and headed outside.  Freeze-dried mint still on the stalks in the kitchen garden.  Probably not ideal but, you know what, it smelled heavenly and worked well.
This evening was the first installment of Meatless Mondays.  We have always eaten vegetarian meals sporadically but I'm trying to be much more intentional to start out this year, with the hope to work up to at least 2 veg meals a week.  But, it will be a challenge to sell to my solidly omnivore sons.  I13 liked tonight's meal well enough, K10 wasn't too thrilled.  But, I think that next time I'll not use the juice of an entire lemon to drizzle with butter over the top- it was a bit tart in spots.
So, I'm going to be scouring my vegetarian cookbooks for meals I can sell to the entire family.  J16 will be easy and V is usually game for anything I put on the table.  But the boys....
I struggle sometimes with their food preferences.  While K10 isn't necessarily a picky eater, there are certain things that he has NEVER liked,  For example- potatoes of any sort.  He will barely even eat french fries!   I mean, really, what 10 year old doesn't like french fries!?   And he doesn't really like tomatoes/sauce either.  I13 has his own food "issues".  He is getting better as he gets older but he has always had issues with certain textures of food- he really dislikes bread with "stuff" in it which the rest of us adore.  He is also generally reluctant to try something new- but again, he's getting better.  Neither boy is too thrilled with dried beans- except as refried beans.  But, we're going to be working on that this winter....
Time to dig into my vast cookbook collection.


  1. I'm with you!! The 4 bean harvest is indeed a Harvest!! lol. Great idea of getting the frozen mint in the garden. Tell us again who is the veggi eater in your household. Is it you, your daughter or both? I like a veggie mean, esp. if their pastas!! yum...debbie

  2. What do the kidlets like? Maybe we can think of some suggestions for vegetarian meals they'd like.

  3. Happy New Year, Judy...

    I just made a big pot of Annie's That just means that I don't follow ANY rules except to make sure there's some kind of beans and pasta in it. lol

    It tastes wonderful..used green beans, edamame, carrots, onion, garlic, tomatoes and corn--all from the garden. Used Orzo and canned kidney beans. Basil and Oregano-yup-from my herb bed. Celery from the store. Turned out thick and wonderful...

    We eat at least 2 vegetarian meals a week, but we don't have kids either. Although the #2 grandson is a picky eater, he likes most of what I fix.


  4. How funny! I thought my son was the only anti-potato kid out there. He will eat the occasional fries or small tater tot, but anything else...forget it.

  5. How funny, I have one too that doesn't like "normal" food, specifically potatoes and noodles!

  6. I seduced the affirmed carnivorous men of my family with barbecue sauce:) Do your kids like sloppy joe or pulled pork? Try this for a vegetarian version that is a cross between the two.
    cook a batch of lentils. Then saute some onion. Add cooked lentils and saute a little more. Pour bb sauce over this and warm through. Serve on buns.
    My son had brought home a group of avowed carnivore friends one day when this was the menu. These boys lined up for more and more and more.....


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