Friday, June 3, 2011

Birdie stuff

Progress has been made. Sorry- no photos. The interior walls of the coop are painted.  Today V and I14 put up most of the stained siding.  After work I put down the additional floor boards and got half of the vinyl flooring cut to fit.  I really wanted to get the rest cut and glued down but I ran out of light.
But something really cool happened!  I had been working for a while and was in the shop cutting plywood for the floor (let me go on record that while I am able to use a circular saw, I HATE them!).  Anyway, I came out of the shop and around the corner to the coop. What should there be in my garden but a wild turkey!  It took off and flew to one of the other hills.  Beautiful!  Of course, I'm not so sure I want it prowling around in my garden, but it's nice to see.
I've got to work my paying job tomorrow.  We're supposed to have more thunderstorms but I'm hoping to get the flooring done and maybe a few other odds and ends.  I really need to get the house cleaned.  It seems that my parents and sister may be coming up on Sunday after all.  That will be nice.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and Dad can take a look at our troublesome tree trunk to give us some advice.


  1. Seeing the wild turkey should have made you chuckle!

  2. Have a great weekend and enjoy the family!

  3. trying to post again - not sure this will work. Keep your gun ready and you'll have Thanksgiving in the freezer!! ...debbie


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