Monday, June 13, 2011

Sooo close

I am so, so, so close to being finished with the coop.  I finally got my camera charged so I thought I'd share a few photos. 
Here is the North side of the coop with the clean out door:

 The South/West sides- chicken door to the far right under the window.
I still need to finish the exterior door trim and the corners.
And now for some inside shots.
The roost is over partially over the clean out door
 Don't you just love the vinyl remnant on the floor- it's almost too bad we'll be covering it up with bedding. You can just see in the above pic where the feeder and waterer are positioned.  The chicken door is directly in front of the roost.
And finally, the nest boxes:
 There is a half wall behind the nest boxes with hardware screening above.  To the left is the door to the storage portion of the coop.  The only thing left to do is the screen door between the two sections.  Then it's time to put in the bedding and the chickens.
But now, something different!  A harvest!!!
 The first pepper!  It actually came from a plant labeled "yellow bell" but doesn't look like a bell. It did taste like one, though, so I'm thinking it's just a mutant shape.  The other little pepper set on looks more normal.
And strawberries!!
Mmmm... I made a strawberry rhubarb sauce this evening.  We don't have rhubarb of our own but yesterday Jim gave me some.  He gets produce from a CSA and they gave him rhubarb- which he doesn't like- but we do!!

I hope to have more progress to report tomorrow.  Maybe even about chickens!!


  1. Your chicken coop looks stunning! Hope the chickens appreciate it and give you lots of eggs :-)

  2. Just stumbled on your blog and man I miss growing my own food. Have any tips on how to keep a garden in the city?

  3. I love the coop color! It is well worth all the hard work you put into it. It came out really great.

  4. Really love the color of your coop!! and!...I love the floor, like you said, too bad it's gonna be covered up. Am still not understanding the ladder. Where does it go too? Seems like the rungs are so far apart for the chickens...but lol, I know nothing about chickens. Help me out here with the ladder...debbie

  5. RETRO chickens! I just love, love that floor, reminds me of the old kitchen I grew up in, and love the coop color! I want to see some ladies running around that coop by this weekend :)

  6. I think with that floor, all those chickens need is a disco ball hanging from the ceiling!

    P.S. Ironically, my word verification this morning is 'nester'.

  7. The chicken coop looks amazing! I especially love the floor even though it is going to be covered up.

  8. Looks great! A really nice well-thought-out design.

  9. Sigh...your coop is nicer than my house. lol

    Weird pepper, eh?

  10. Dani- Thanks- that's our hope!!
    Braden- Welcome!! There is lots and lots of information about gardening in the city- urban farming. Really, if you've got a window or a sunny spot- you can grow food. Thanks for stopping by!
    Jane- thanks@ I'm rather proud of myself- I really stretched my construction skills on this one.
    Debbie- The ladder is actually the roost- where the chickens will sleep at night- better than installing a tree for them.
    Erin- Isn't it great! I really love the floor. There is still a bit of the flooring that you can see in the storage area.
    Ed- LOL!! We were talking about needing a disco ball last weekend!
    Wisegoat- Thanks.
    S- Thanks- I agonized over the design before any construction started
    Akannie- I highly doubt that my coop is nicer than your house!!


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