Saturday, June 4, 2011


The first strawberries arrived today.  Enough for one for each of us.  Oh, they were tasty!!!  There are a few more beginning to ripen and I, for one, can't wait.  A few are misshapen from frost damage but, I'm not going by appearance here!
I had to work today.  It wasn't a bad day.  After I got home, I did manage to get the flooring glued down in the coop.  Now, we can't walk on it for at least 12 hours but tomorrow, I hope to put up the final interior paneling to 'poop proof' the walls and V wants to finish the interior 'wire wall' that will separate the chickens from the storage area.  Soon... soon.....
It seems that we are hosting quite the family get-together tomorrow.  My parents are coming up, as is my oldest sister and her husband (visiting from CO).  My brother and oldest nephew are coming as well (we're not sure his wife is coming yet).  I'm only missing one sister (wish you could be here!!) for the entire family.  Mom said they will bring some hot dogs, buns and Mom's famous macaroni salad.  We will supply some local brats (maybe some burgers), beverages, coleslaw, chips and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  It should be a lovely picnic.  We hope for some advice on the tree situation as well as just time to visit.
My sister has asked if J17 has access to chives or parsley with her job.  J17 isn't working this weekend but I told her that I can fix her up with chives, garlic chives and walking onions if she wants.  My parsley is looking rather pathetic (as is most of the garden!!) or I would offer her some of that as well.
Now, I've got to go get a few things done before the big day tomorrow.
Have a fabulous Sunday.


  1. Beautiful strawberries. Mine should be coming in any day if yours are here! :)

  2. Nice! We were hoping to go strawberry picking today but we are having thunderstorms all day, can't complain, we need the rain!

  3. Hope your picnic is a blast!! sounds warm and fuzzy to me!! Strawberries look yummy!! Glad to hear the Coop is nearly finished. Can't wait to see the chicks in it!!...debbie

  4. Look yummy, what kind of strawberries do you grow? We have a few getting close, but I just planted them this year, so I picked most of the flowers off. Maybe next year!

  5. I LOVE family gathering ,we don't have them often - in general people get separated by miles or miles of of emotional junk.Can't wait to buy local strawberries ,your look nummy.

  6. Gabe- we actually planted two varieties- one junebearing and one everbearing. I know the names are Ozark Beauty and Jewel but I couldn't tell you which is which at this point. This is only our second year with them so I'm pretty excited. We only got a handful last year because we picked off almost all the blossoms.


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