Wednesday, June 29, 2011

News: Good, Bad and Ugly

News flash!!! The Good: V has finished his book!!  Woo Hoo!!! He still has a little formating to do but the text is done.  What a relief!  Now, he will have time to do other things around the house and homestead. Yeah!! This has been such a stressor for both of us.  I've been picking up lots of slack while he struggled to finish.  So maybe now my days won't be quite so overloaded.  Of course, he has now picked up another freelance project.
But also, I heard bad news today.  Around lunchtime I got a page.  It was Roger's nurse wondering if I could get away from what I was doing to come see him.  He got some bad news.  The infection in his foot has continued to spread, in spite of the IV antibiotics, and is into the bone.  So, tomorrow morning, they will amputate a significant portion of his foot.  He was not handling this well, as can be expected.  It is a terrible blow for someone who has always been quite active and has a large garden planted.  To make matters worse, his wife just got laid off her job so now they have no income.  Talk about stressful.  I'm going to try really, really hard to not complain about my lot in life... I've got absolutely nothing to complain about.  Weeds- bah- who's going to complain about them now.
But one last bit of ugly ugly.  I discovered the first Japanese Beetle of the year this afternoon while I was out weeding.  I disposed of him or her quietly, no witnesses...   I didn't get my peppers mulched- maybe tomorrow when J17 is home to help (She's working at the farmer's market this evening)  I'm using that corn based mulching plastic stuff under the grass clippings (I discovered the hard way that it really needs mulch over it as just burying the edges like it says lets it blow away) and it is so flimsy that the slightest breeze is a problem.  We got a good system worked out when we did the tomatoes.  J17 and I put down the plastic stuff while the boys gather grass clippings, they we all scatter clippings.
I'll have to see if I can talk J17 into doing a bit more weeding tomorrow.  I'm getting much, much closer to having a handle on the weeds in the garden.  Then, to tackle the flower beds :)  I've been working on my pre-party 'to do' list.  hahahahahaha.......  I must be delusional to think I'll get it all done.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Roger's worsening state and now all the further complications; I wish I had some words of wisdom to impart but I come up short in moments like these, but he and his family are in my prayers. I was thinking about his concern for his garden from a few days ago - is there a master gardener group in his area or church that he attends? Perhaps a call to something like that could rally up some volunteers so that he has something to look forward to when he gets home.
    Now that the rain has stopped I'm getting bugs too - shiny beetle type bugs eating my basil!

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend Roger. I also found our first beetle yesterday, I wasn't exactly happy as I know all of the damage they cause. When you get done with your weeding do you want to come over and do mine for me. I don't have weeds in my vegetable beds (All of the compost and soil is new this year and was weed free), just everywhere else.

  3. Molly- I've been thinking of organizing some sort of 'weed-a-thon'. V and I were talking of building some raised beds for him. Those would be too late for this year but next spring would be much easier than the huge garden space he's got now.
    Wisegoat acres- I think I'll pass on the offer, tempting as it is. I've got plenty of weeds of my own and will probably take on some of Roger's weeds as well.

  4. Your so right. We dont really have a reason to complain. My thought are with Roger and his family.

  5. I am so so sorry to hear about your friend Roger! Awful that him and his wife have to go through so much. They are in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Prayers for Roger...and his wife. This must be horrid for them.

    I haven't found any JB's yet..maybe they all flew north? lol

    I am battling deer though. Any suggestions??

  7. I'm praying for Roger. I feel for him and the mental (as well as physical) anguish he is going through. And his wife too - a lot on her plate when she needs / has to be strong.

  8. I am so sorry to read of Roger's complications, and am sending healing thoughts his way along with prayers giving him strength to accept the loss of his foot. I have 2 more gardens to weed. They are so healthy this year. Doing much better than my flowers!! Congratulations to V for finishing his book!! That's wonderful news!! ...debbie

  9. That is such sad news for your friend. You are so right, there are others out there dealing with the unimaginable while we fuss about weeds and such. You're a good friend, I'll be thinking about him and his family.


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