Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Scenes

I'm tired.  I didn't sleep well last night and have been busy all day.
V and I visited Roger in the hospital this morning for a bit.  He isn't doing very well emotionally.  The cancer was a 'surprise' discovered when he was hospitalized for something else.  He has a terrible infection in his foot that has been cleaned out (down to the tendons!) and they are hoping it doesn't continue to spread.  He is worried that he may lose his foot.  Add onto that the new diagnosis that was  found and he is a wreck.
Of course, like any gardener, he is worried about the weeds in his garden that he hasn't been able to tend.   I wish I had a better handle on the weeds in my own garden or I would go weed his.
But, on to more positive things.  It was a lovely, sunny day today after it dried out this morning. I spent the afternoon outside in the garden.  Here are a few images of the day
Chickens doing chicken-y sorts of things in the temporary run:
 Broccoli peeking our of its leaves-
Purple cabbage: as beautiful as any flower-
Raspberries beginning to ripen-
 And blueberries, too- our first!
 Red currants ready to pick-
 The first tomato!  Black Krim
 Peppers- Volcano (hot hungarian wax)
My asiatic lilies that I planted this spring are blooming- at only about 8 inches tall!
 The Goth Garden:
 Grrr- bugs were on my basil!
I hope you all had a peaceful Sunday.

Happy Birthday big sister!!


  1. Maybe you could put temporary runs for the chickens in between the rows, and let them do the weeding for you...? :)

  2. Except for the last picture of the poor basil (!), your garden pictures are beautiful! I think people overlook the beauty of vegetables.


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