Thursday, June 16, 2011


I've taken the past two days pretty easy.  Oh, of course work was work, but things at home have slowed down a bit.  This evening- besides checking on the chicks and bringing them some overgrown kale leaves, has been pretty low key...   I planted a couple of herbs that have been loitering around on the front porch for a while and did a little weeding in the garden- but not too much.  This evening, V and I even took time to sit out on the deck and watch the fireflies rise from the grass. Of course, this was accompanied by a bottle of sparkling wine, chocolate and freshly picked strawberries--- ON A THURSDAY!!!  Oh, my, what is the world coming to!
I'm hoping that the forecast rain will hold off for the weekend so I can get some more weeding done in the garden.  But, Mother Nature always wins.  Right now, with the chickens in the coop, I'm more relaxed than I have been in weeks- weeds and all.  That is such a huge load off my mind.
One more day of work and I'm off for the weekend.  Sunday is Father's Day.  I've heard from my brother that my parents are coming up for Sunday and he is hosting a barbecue- weather permitting.  I guess I need to figure out what to take along...
Now- it's getting to be past my bedtime for a work night- especially since I've had a few big girl beverages... something I rarely do on a work night.
I hope you all have a great Friday.


  1. Hurray for a little R&R !!!!!!

    You deserve it, sparkling wine and all.

    Tomorrow is my one day off this week, and I shall begin it with a cleaning frenzy (inside the house) and then go meet a friend for lunch.


  2. Who cares if it's Thursday? We have to relax when we can, and you deserve it after all that hard work!

  3. mmmm....chocolate!
    I just looked over your last posts. What a gorgeous chicken house. Very nice work! You deserve to relax!

  4. A very earned rest I might add!! and as for the Big Girl drinks, that was a much needed!! The chocolate was the cherry on the top!! It's nice to sit on the porch every once in a while and take a deep breath before starting something a chicken run!! lol...debbie

  5. You deserve a relaxing evening with a glass in your hand.

  6. Fireflies? Wine? Chocolate? Strawberries?

    Sounds like heaven! :)


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