Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chickens Away!!

My dearest, most darling, sweetest, amazing husband finished the door for me today while I was at work!  Isn't he just the best!!!
So....  Tonight after work, J17 and I put down bedding
Check out the new screen door in the inside..
 And we took the chickens outside!!
Below- Claudia checks out the roost.
 The big girls came out first.  After a few minutes for them to adjust, we brought the little ones out to join them.  I guess the little ones aren't THAT little any more.  They are 6 weeks old already
 Since they have been living in the kennel condo in the basement, they are already acquainted with each other.  We have been letting them out together for short periods over the last week or so to get them accustomed to each other.  There was a little pecking but not that much.  We thought about bringing the kennel into the coop and having the little ones in there for a while but they seem to be doing pretty well together so we're going to risk it.  I'm hoping that since it is a new space for all of them that no one will feel the need to defend their territory.
They seem to be mingling pretty well...
 Below, Magnus, our rooster has discovered the log we placed in there for entertainment.
He's a Welsummer- isn't he handsome??

Now, I've still got to clean up the downstairs bathroom.  It will be SO nice to have that back!!   There is something unnerving about getting out of the showers with all these chickens watching you- like they're asking "Where are your feathers?!"

Now... to build a run so we can let them outside.  But, I think they're going to be adjusting to life in the coop for a few days.


  1. hooray!!! you've worked hard and waited long for this - so glad you were able to put your "girls" in their new digs today!

  2. You have one of the loveliest coops I've ever seen. I love your girls and your handsome rooster!

  3. A great big congratulations for all the work you and your hubby did to make this very excellent chicken coop for your girls . . . and a guy or two. It looks WONDERFUL! You must feel really good to have accomplished this goal.

  4. Kirsten- it is definitely a day to celebrate here!!
    Author- Thanks.
    Mama Pea- Thanks! It is a great feeling to have it 'done'. Well, there are a few things to tweak yet and the run isn't done. But, at least they are out of the bathroom!

  5. *chuckle* I'd never thought about it, but I can see where it would be unnerving to have the chickens staring at you in the buff!

  6. FINALLY!!! TA DAH!!! They look pretty comfy in there!! Yep, your rooster is quite handsome and nice and shiny!! The girls are pretty cute themselves!! Your bathroom will probably smell better too!! ha ha....debbie

  7. Oh my what a bautiful chicken coop...I bet the chickens love the space...soon eggs!!! I am so happy for you... Lisa

  8. I got busy and couldn't check in for a day and look what transpired! Congratulations!

  9. Dmarie- it is quite unnerving! Those beady little eyes staring at you, heads cocked... quite disturbing!!
    Debbie- Magnus is quite handsome... even for a little guy.
    lisa- I can't wait for eggs! Hopefully by this fall we'll have some.
    Erin- see what happens when you don't pay attention!! I'm taking the night off tonight to celebrate.

  10. Just found your blog via Emerald Sunshine, very excited to read about someone else with similar goals in my city! I'm very jealous of your chickens, I hope to have a few roaming in the backyard sometime down the road!

  11. Congratulations!! What a nice looking coop.

  12. Indeed - a chicken palace. Congrats!

  13. Yay for chickens in their big girl coop! And Yay for you and V for building it!!


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