Sunday, June 12, 2011

Whirlwind weekend

Ok, I'm officially exhausted!  It has been such a wild, busy weekend.  But, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH has been accomplished.  Sorry, no photos, my camera batteries are dead.  We are almost finished with the chicken coop!!!  Only the interior screen door to install and the wire wall to put up (the wall is framed, just the wire needs installed.  The exterior is done and the chicken and clean out doors are finished (I'm particularly proud of those!  I did them myself!)  V took time this morning to help me out and finished the electrics this afternoon so there is now a light and a covered outlet (for the heated waterer in the winter).  Of course, the outdoor run isn't finished (the materials won't be delivered until we order stuff for the rest of the deck) but I plan to put up a temporary fence so we can let them out.
Also, this morning, I FINALLY got the rest of the garden planted!  Woo Hoo!!  What a great feeling.  There are still many, many weeds out there but things are looking up.
This afternoon, J17 and I took a break and went to Wapsi-no-noc Gardens (where she works) for an herbal tincture making workshop.  What a nice break.  We learned about some herbs, got a tour of the gardens and had the opportunity to prepare some tinctures.  I made some with Motherwort, Skullcap and Burdock root.  J17 made Valerian, lemon balm and feverfew. They still need to set for at least 6 weeks.  We also got a couple of plant starts (motherwort and pennyroyal).
After the workshop, we went to Jim's house and helped him prepare his garden.  So, now that is done and I can stop feeling guilty.  We didn't dig up a very big area.  Maybe only 8x8 feet- but it is sufficient for a few tomato and pepper plants and some basil.  That's all he wants.  Not bad for a first garden.
Now, I've had it. I was up at 6:30 this morning and worked hard all day.  Tomorrow I'm back to work.  After work, I hope to finish the coop!!!  Woot!!!  But, now, it's time for a bit of wine, maybe some strawberries and off to bed for me.
I hope you all had an equally productive weekend.


  1. Nice weekend! I'm glad the weather and work schedule cooperated for you, we all need that feeling of accomplishment every now and then to keep going LOL! Can't wait to see the girls running around their new digs!

  2. Good going, superwoman! lol

    We had some storms this weekend, but yesterday stayed muggy and overcast and we finished up the mulching. I was thinking I should get out there and take some pics while the straw still looks all pretty. lol The Irishman thinks I'm nuts.

    I have a Rhodie that's dying I think. She is old and I haven't been able to butcher a chicken yet...her comb is all icky and she's pretty lethargic. So, we may be having a small memorial service later today...

  3. And you thought the chicken coop would never be done! You are soooo close now. Can't wait to see the culmination of all your effort. Those are gonna be some happy chickens!

  4. Sucha busy, busy woman!! wow! Can't wait to see the chickens in the coop...hope it's soon. The Herbal Tincture Workshop sounded really NICE!! Glad the garden is finally finshed!!! Ya WhoooOOO!!...debbie


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