Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The first of June

My, oh my!  Where has the time gone. It certainly can't be June already!  But it is.  And I am woefully behind my self imposed schedule for the year.  But, there you have it.  We've been doing our best.  And really, we haven't done too bad.
Today was an 'easy' day.  We only worked on the coop for an hour tonight and finished the interior walls. I was all gung-ho to start in on the flooring but V wants to make sure the roof doesn't leak before we put it down.  He installed the roof vents this morning and since it is supposed to rain tonight we should get the test he wants.
Actually, having a little non-physical-labor down time is pretty nice.  I think one of the reasons I haven't been sleeping well is that I'm over tired; kind of like an over-tired child who fights going to sleep.

We had a lovely harvest salad tonight with dinner.  A basket of kale, a green onion and some asian inspired, toasted sesame vinaigrette made for a tasty salad.  Mmmmmm.  And V and I each had a tiny radish from the garden.  YUM!!
There are a few strawberries out there that I'm keeping my eye on.  Soon... soon.....

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the children.  And the summer begins.  It's a busy weekend planned already.  J17 is going to go work at Wapsi-no-noc Gardens on Friday since she won't be able to be at the farmer's market on Saturday because she is taking the SAT.  I work Saturday and we'll have to see about Sunday.  My sister from CO is coming home for the weekend.  Originally, we had planned to go to my parents farm to see them but we've got so much to do here we're thinking about inviting them all up here (and maybe having Dad bring his big chainsaw for us to use to finish clearing that tree- no ulterior motive here!!).

On my to-do list for the rest of the week and weekend:
Finish the chicken coop!! we're getting so close- I'm hoping to have the girls installed before my birthday (the 10th)
Weed the garden (I'm tempted to get a mower for the weeds in my cabbage!!)
Finish planting the garden- I still have my vining crops to plant (squash, cucumbers and melons) and our baby corn.
And of course, we still have to work on that huge brush pile we've got stacked up and cut some of the other limbs down to a more manageable size.  Clean up was 'get it out of here' not 'stack it neatly'.
And the usual laundry, cleaning, etc.....  especially if my parents do come up.

Oh, and FYI, I've changed my comments to allow anonymous ones so if anyone out there without an ID (Joyce, I'm thinking of you!) wants to comment- you can.


  1. I find it hard to believe June arrived ...where did Spring go..Oh it got drenched by a lot of rain...and storms..

  2. what a crazy month (or two) you've had. glad to see that the storm damage wasn't any worse and that you all are safe. hope you get your projects checked off this weekend!

  3. Doing the best you can seems to be all we can do this year, weather keeps throwing kinks in everything! Enjoy the time with your family this weekend!

  4. Nice to be eating stuff from your garden! Will be nice when the tomatoes come in!! Anxious to see your purple ones. Glad your coop is nearly done. I'm dying to see the chickens running about and going in and out and getting eggs!!Won't that be fun!! Happy Birthday is advance. My Birthday is June 12!! ...debbie

  5. Relatives with chainsaws are always welcome, aren't they? You've got a lot on your plate, but it's got to be so exciting to be close to finishing the regal coop! I am planting my vining crops (using the term loosely) this weekend too. I'll be thinking of you!


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