Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Making progress

Thank goodness the weather has been cooperating for a few days. Too bad I've had to go to work.
But both last night and this evening I was able to spend several hours in the garden weeding after work.
Half of the garden is looking pretty good.  I've got J17 on line to weed the peppers tomorrow (if she doesn't, she doesn't get to go see her friends in the afternoon) so tomorrow evening I can hopefully get mulch down around my peppers. Then it will look even better.
Of course, the weather is supposed to be fabulous all week, but the weekend, so far, isn't looking as hopeful.  I work at the hospital on Saturday so that day is pretty much out.  I'm just hoping for some good weather for Sunday and Monday.
Then, next week, things get even more interesting.  On Thursday the 7th,  V and J17 will head east to Pennsylvania for a college visit.  I'll be at work on the 7th but then I'm off for a few days to hang with the boys. I'm kind of excited to have 4 days off in a row (without V to have projects of his own to distract me).  I've got so much on my 'to do' list that it's going to be fun to see how much I can get done.  I've got lots of outside stuff planned as well as starting some deep cleaning in the house since we'll be only a month away from our big party in August.
A party, you may ask?    Yup, we're finally having a party at the new house.  It is a combination of housewarming and to celebrate V's 50th birthday.  Nothing like adding a little more pressure, LOL.  We've got friends and family coming in from around the country as well as friends and family here.  It should be fun.  I really love entertaining and it will be a great chance to show off everything we've accomplished in the past two years.   Of course, I want the house and gardens to look good so I've got TONS to do.
Time to get some sleep so I can make some more progress tomorrow.
And, yes, if you're in reasonable driving distance, you are invited,  I'd love to meet more of you.


  1. Sounds wonderful, Judy...

    Last night the deer came through and ate the tops off all my edamame plants! They were over 3 feet tall. First time we've had this problem...I have all the lights turned on out back tonight, and tomorrow will build a noisemaker of some kind and see if that keeps them away. I can't believe it...I don't have any of last year's left in my freezer, I don't think...

    I love a good party! It will be perfect, I'm sure....

  2. A trip, how fun! Is this a trip for V's book or for up and coming college students? I know your place will look amazing in time for your party. Nobody will notice some weeds, so make sure you enjoy it!

  3. College trips...we were just talking about that a few days ago. Where all we took the kids to look. Bob did most of the taking. Seems like it was eons ago. It's a sad day when you have to take and leave them. We cried all the way home. Very Sad...Your party sounds like it's going to be fun!! Happy Birthday to V!!! ...debbie


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