Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wet Wednesday

Today was wet, drizzly and cool.  Yuck.  But a few things brightened my day.  I had a 'sidewalk find' on my way to downtown to catch the bus.  It was just beginning to rain (again) when I noticed this lying on the sidewalk:
 A bookmark.  LOVE IT!  So I had to rescue it from getting wet and ruined.
I got off the bus before my usual stop so I could meet V at the grocery store (sigh) to get more milk and some dog food.  On my way in I noticed the sign announcing that all plants were 25% off.  I know they will mark them down even further but the selection gets worse and worse.  So I indulged myself and got this:
It's a Black Lace Elderberry.  I had seen it earlier and thought about it for the goth garden. It has nearly black foliage and will produce edible fruit- I checked.  I noticed that we have a 'wild' elderberry growing near the wetland last spring.  I purposefully didn't harvest the berries hoping it would spread this year.  But these we can plant near the house... and they will look really cool!
Not much else going on here.  V is nearly finished with his book.  Children are eating me out of house and home and work has been rough since we have a bunch of really ill people in right now.
I'm looking ahead to the weekend.  It looks like Saturday may be my day to spray the tomatoes with the copper mix.  And maybe do some more weeding.  My brother lent me his flame thrower (I said I wanted one!!) so I can burn off the weeds along the garden fence and border (and maybe where the vining crops haven't vined to yet.  I'll see how far I get.  Don't worry- I'll be sure to have photographic evidence for all of you.


  1. I hope you work at a hospital like me so you're supposed to be surrounded by ill people and I hope they get better!
    A "Wicked" bookmark, a very good save, probably my favorite of his books and a pretty darn good musical.
    Here's to the drier weather we are supposed to get next week!

  2. Does the flame thrower actually get rid of the weeds and keep them from coming back? Our back yard is covered in weeds, I can't even call it a lawn because it is probably only 15% grass and I am sick of pulling weeds at this point.

  3. do you really have a goth garden?or is that just a term for say a butterfly garden? just never heard it before-looks like a pretty plant tho. I was checking out the sale ones too but here 50%off still was $34.00 so I figured it wasn't a good deal.

  4. Hi Judy,

    Terrific photo in the header!

  5. Dani- Hahaha! Luckily only the fence posts are wooden, the rest is made of livestock panels. If I can burn that, I'm in big trouble!
    Molly- I work at the U so, yes, I'm constantly surrounded by ill people. It just seems really rough right now. I'll second your hope for drier weather!
    Wisegoat acres- the flame thrower won't keep them from growing back but it definitely slows them down. I've got such a heavy weed seed load in the garden (still) since it was a pasture/barnyard until 2 years ago, every time I even scratch the surface a thousand little weed seeds sprout. I'm hoping that if I burn off those seedlings the heat will also hinder any other seeds lurking down there.
    judy- Yes, we really do have a goth garden. Last year, I started a project with my teenage daughter to plant a goth garden. It has flowers with black or nearly black flowers or foliage. It's been fun seeing what is out there. It's been a great way of getting her interested in gardening.
    Angie- Thanks- that photo is one of my current favorites.

  6. totally a small world, I work up in the peds pharmacy satellite at the U!


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