Monday, July 11, 2011

An actual vacation day!

Like usual, the dog woke me up this morning.  It was nearly 5 am.  I rolled over and tried to ignore him.  Then I noticed a sound... the wind was howling.  Then a flash lit up the sky.  Great, a thunderstorm... the ones that had been in Nebraska when I went to bed had rolled across the state.  Unfortunately, I realized that all the windows in the shop and chicken coop were wide open.  So, at 5 am, I'm running around outside in my jammies shutting windows.  Good thing we live in the country.  Fortunately, it hadn't started raining yet.  
We got the tail end of the storm that ripped through.  Further North, in Vinton (about an hour north of here), where I've got aunts and an uncle, there was tremendous damage.  No tornados, just straight line winds- but at over 100 mph.  Fortunately, all my relatives are fine, but with no power for probably a few days.  That's concerning with the heat and humidity we're experiencing. My aunt isn't in the best of health. But her children and grandchildren came in to help her clean up the tree that fell on her garage.

Since it rained this morning (0.4 inches) I took the opportunity to go back to bed after the storm and slept in.  I had planned to go out into the garden but didn't.  So, after sleeping in, we all decided to go see a movie.  Man, I remember when a movie was a cheap date.  To get all three of us in, plus snacks, almost required a second mortgage. Of course, we did spring for the premium 3D pricing and saw the new Transformers movie.  It was freakin' awsome!  I'm a sucker for giant robots blowing things up.  After the movie, since we were on that side of town, we stopped at the farm store and picked up some more chicken feed.  A few loads of laundry is about all I got accomplished today.   Tonight, it is SyFy night.  The new episode of Warehouse 13 is just starting so I've gotta go.  V and J17 will be home tomorrow.  So much to do, so little time...


  1. We will all definitely remember the weather this summer, it's been crazy all over. Glad you got some time for a movie, we only go once every few years LOL!

  2. I'm a sucker for 3D movies myself...but whoa, the prices!!

  3. Erin- I think the last time I was at a movie in a theatre was a year or two ago. It just doesn't seem worth the money they want. But it was a nice treat.
    Dmarie- Yeah, those prices. Good thing I was prepared- I had checked the prices online first so I wasn't overcome with shock at the ticket booth. Yikes!!


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