Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More goodness arrives!

All I'm going to say is YUM!!
Look at the size of those things!!
Not too many this year but we planted it as a single cane last year so it's not done too bad.


  1. Yay!~

    Our blackberries are starting to turn, just a few at a time. Can't wait, we have l;ots!

    Our raspberries are all done down here, but I could almost taste yours.


  2. Nice! I'm anxiously awaiting ours to turn color!

  3. Hi Judy,

    So are these bearing on 2nd year canes? They are beautiful.

  4. angie- these are technically 'everbearing' so they are producing on new canes. There just aren't that many canes yet. The poor thing was a stick when we planted it last year. But the patch is growing so next year we should have LOTS. Yummy.

  5. You're way ahead of us. Our raspberries are still small and white/greenish in color. Yours look wonderful! Enjoy!


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