Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday things

Hmm, much to post and not much to post...  an interesting conundrum...
Things about today...
  • Roger came home from rehab!  Hooray!!
  • It only got up to 99 today!  And even then it warmed more slowly and cooled off much more quickly in the evening.
  • The chickens are all doing well, even with the heat.
  • I watered the garden this evening, some of the tomatoes and the baby corn were looking a bit stressed. I hoped it was a sure way to make it rain.
  • I celebrated the 'Ritual of the First Tomato"!  A single heirloom yellow cherry tomato, warm from the sun, eaten in the garden while giving thanks.
  • It's raining!! Only the second measurable rainfall in about a month.
  • The roof still leaks... sigh... we thought we had it patched.  Most likely the extreme heat caused the patching material to crack... sigh... and we thought the deck extension was going to be our last major project on the house.  sigh some more....
  • We are all healthy.
  • I forgot to water my little freebie marigolds yesterday and several look dead.
  • No one was home until nearly 7 tonight so we actually ordered a pizza from a local restaurant!  Unthinkable!  It's the thin edge of the wedge... but it was really good!  Chicago stuffed pizza from the Wig and Pen East.  
  • I'm enjoying a bit of the homemade limoncello that Jim gave us.  Mmmmm
  • It's time for bed. I'm tired, I had bizarre work related dreams last night- never good for a restful sleep.


  1. Yeah, thanks for sending the waves of heat my way, LOL! Seriously, I hope things continue to ease up for you, sure would be nice to enjoy some of this summer!

  2. I accidentally left the water on in the garden one day when we left for work. Oh well, it needed a good watering since we haven't had rain in over 2 weeks. I'll be danged if the flood of the century didn't come the next day!!!

    And those work related dreams are the worst!! Mine are always about being hours late and no ride or some crazy thing that makes me wake up and wonder if I still have a job! LOL!!

  3. I think we're all a little wacko these days. Too much work, too much heat, not enough sleep because of too much work or too much heat! Today our temperatures were still in the low 90s but not quite so humid. I stood outside in the back yard painting (well, polyurethaning) for much of the day in the bright sunlight. Now when it's time to rustle up some dinner, I'm like a wet noodle. Absolutely no energy.


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