Thursday, July 28, 2011

The good, the bad and the lucky

Ok, I may be whiny but I'm also counting my blessings tonight.  Just a few things.
First, the good:  Tomatillos!
 They are huge and beautiful!
Now for the bad:  My poor cucumbers...
 They are finally setting on but the humidity and heat are taking their toll.  Almost every cucumber is rotting from the blossom end when they get 2-3 inches long.  I caught this one early enough and we had a tiny cucumber in our veggies for dinner.
I also salvaged this pepper.  Our first Tolli's Sweet Italian.
Sun/heat burned on the tip and starting to rot.
But, we are also considering ourselves fortunate today.  Last night when I was going to bed, there was lightning visible to the Northeast. There was a huge storm along the river near Dubuque.  They got hammered last night.  Some areas got over 14 inches of rain!!  Flooding was terrible.  So I'm not going to complain about our weather... much.  I mean, it's 86 degrees and 75% humidity out there at sunset... what's to complain about.


  1. I just had to rip out all of my cucumber plants! I replanted and am hoping we have a late frost so I can hopefully squeeze a few more out. The hot weather also made my radishes akin to horseradish so out they all came and in went new seeds.

    Honestly, this crazy weather is starting to concern me and I'm glad I don't have to support my family solely on what the garden yields - even though that's a crazy dream of mine.

  2. Your veggies are how mine are starting to look; the heat is really taking it's toll. I've about given up on the cukes, except for the few I want to let grow for seed. And the humidity! The worst since we've lived here.

  3. I'm seriously entertaining the idea of completely giving up out there - I stopped watering 2 days ago, we'll see if I can stand it!

  4. Again, very sorry about your garden. Are you trellising? I'm just wondering how people in the South which is often so much more humid than we have up North cope in their gardens? Maybe looking at gardening advise in more humid zones can help salvage the rest of your garden? Just a thought.

  5. For LindaM, that made me laugh... we don't cope down here, we just slowly go insane! It's terrible, and I'm a transplant from the North, so I'm not dealing well at all... :)

  6. Oh, did the storm miss you guys?
    I saw pics of Dubuque & Galena, it is so sad.
    Our farm is only about 45 miles from Galena. Our area got anywhere between 4-8" rain depending on where you were.
    So far the crops are withstanding!
    Hey, you got ripe tomatillos before me! My husks aren't filled in yet.
    Wishful Acres

  7. It has been such a dreadful year for gardeners. And the crops of farmers are not doing any better. It's scary to think that there could actually be a food shortage. It will be terrible for everyone but I think especially for us who try so hard to grow our own and take care of ourselves.

  8. Dr Momi- It does seem to be a rough year. I'm definitely in good company.
    Molly- Good luck with the late cukes.
    Leigh- I hope you get a break from the weather.
    Erin- Oh, no! Don't give up!!
    Linda- I didn't trellis my cukes this year. I do have a permanent trellis in my garden but it has scarlet runner beans on it this year. I do have mulch down under the vines and it seems to be helping a bit.
    Erin- LOL!!
    Penny- Thanks for the tips. We've got some landscape fabric and mulch down and I've mowed a few sections. I just didn't seem to be able to get myself coordinated this year with as much mulching as I wanted. The darned chicken coop took up so much time.
    Mama pea- The corn around here is looking pretty good for the farmers- probably better than other areas of the country. I don't know what it is about my garden- location or what but it seems to be particularly hard hit.


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