Monday, July 25, 2011

They're starting

I love the late summer.  That is when the garden really starts producing.
We've now had two 'real' tomatoes- distinguished from the few cherry tomatoes we've had.  Last night we had the first Black Krim with our cheeseburgers and tonight, the first Amish Paste.
A little pasta with creamy pesto and a fresh sliced tomato on top. Mmmm....  Summer heaven.
The heat really did a number on the tomatoes.  Some that had been doing really well and getting really large got sunburned in the heat so we will lose a few.  Also there were LOTS of blossoms that will never have a tomato on them...  sigh... we'll see what the harvest brings.  At least the plants look OK.  My attempt at spraying with copper sulfate seems to have slowed down the bacterial spot but not stopped it.  I'm really unwilling to keep spraying because of all the negative effects of copper.  We'll see how things turn out.
The combination of heat keeping me out of the garden and now the 2.9 inches of rain have helped the weeds run rampant again.  But, it's a never ending job.


  1. I sure hear ya, Judy....but I came in with a big bowl of tomatoes yesterday, and have canned salsa and diced tomatoes too. But things just look pitiful out there...and we have still had no rain.

    We are eating bits and snips of okra, tomatoes, fresh beans...but the corn is shot I'm afraid. We'll see...there's still time, I guess.

    I'm off to the coop for coffee and then back to can beans!

  2. Congrats on the tomatoes! It's feeling like this heat and humidity will NEVER end!

  3. Rain and weeds seem to go together don't they? Unfortunately! I love the idea of the raw tomatoes in the dish. I need to try that too.


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