Wednesday, July 6, 2011


You've gotta love FREE!
OK, I'll admit it.  I didn't really NEED any more plants, especially annual flowers.  But they were free.  How could I pass them up!  See...
I swung by the grocery store on my way home this evening.  They are closing out their garden center.  All the shrubs are 75% off (I resisted- probably only because they were closed already)  But sitting outside the fenced-in area was what was left of their annuals with a sign posted: Free Plants.  How great is that.  So I got a few.
I got two trailing verbena plants (raspberry colored) a few lobelia (8 plants- three 3 packs but one plant was dead) that looked really sad.  I also got four 3-packs of marigolds but I think there are only 10 plants total.
The trailers went in some neglected hanging baskets (one verbena, three lobelia per basket) and the two extra lobelia went one each into clay pots to set on the steps)  I'll plant the marigolds out in the garden soon.  The poor plants were all so root bound.  I spread out the roots so hopefully they will be alright and flourish now that they have been transplanted into more soil.
Tomorrow, bright and early, V and J17 head out to Pennsylvania.  They will visit her first choice for college (Kutztown University) and see V's Mom and sister as well as a bunch of his friends out there since that is his original stomping ground.  It seems that they have quite the trip planned. They will be gone 6 days.
The boys will be home alone tomorrow but then I will be off with them for five days.  Friday because I worked last weekend, the weekend and then two vacation days.  FIVE WHOLE DAYS!!  And so far the weather looks hot but great.  I've got my to-do list in full swing!  I'll be exhausted, I'm sure, but oh, so happy.  I'll be sure to post about my progress.
Roger will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.  He will be transferred to a rehab facility in Waterloo, a couple of hours away.  He is adjusting mentally and seems in better spirits now that his pain is in better control.  I don't know that we will drive to visit him there but I'll definitely stay in touch and try to help out Sharon as I can.  I'll certainly be peeking in on his garden from time to time.


  1. Nice find! Lowe's had big racks of petunias and marigolds for 75% off so I grabbed 2 flats, but they are still sitting on my porch! I guess they mark them down when they need to be deadheaded... after 2 weeks on my porch they are all in full bloom again, I need to plant them!

  2. Hope they have a grand trip! Is that where she wants to attend school? or are they just starting to look? Free flowers!! probably a little Miracle Grow will do them a world of good!! A whole 5 days off!! Very good!! should be no weeds left in that kidding - I know they grow by the thousands and 3 feet a day!! ...debbie

  3. Niiiiiiiiiice.....nothing like more stuff to have to plant! Even if it's free. LOL (Just kidding). I haven't gotten any of my baskets or planters planted this year, so I am green with envy.

    I am canning green beans today. They are coming on like crazy! I have family coming up from down south and will have a supper bbq tomorrow on top of it there's a little housecleaning and yard maintenance gonna be sprinkled in there too.

    My two days off will be full, and I'm glad you get 5 days off. I will enjoy it through you. lol

    (Now I wanna go plant my bowls and baskets. lol I just might do that, since I have to go to the market for ribs on sale...who knows WHAT hardware store I might pass!!)

  4. that is a treasure stop you made-here 50% off for a hanging plant still means $22.50 bah humbug-have a fun bbq


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