Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh, Baby!

It's HOT out there!!  We hit 102 degrees F today (nearly 39 C).  With the dew point hovering around 80, it was like a sauna outside.  The heat index was hovering in the hundred and teens for a while this afternoon. Even now at almost 9 pm, it still feels like 103 F outside.  BLAH!
The chickens are hanging in there.  We've been making sure they have plenty of cold water but they still look like they're suffering.  They have been hanging out inside the coop- amazingly enough, it was cooler in there than it was outside this afternoon.  Since it is supposed to be just as hot tomorrow and possibly continuing through the weekend, I'm freezing some water in 2 liter bottles that I'm going to have J17 deploy in a water dish in the coop tomorrow every few hours so they have extra cold water.  I know they are stressed but I hope to make it as bearable as possible for them.
Oh, and in other chicken news- Magnus was crowing this morning when I let them out of the coop!!  or at least attempting to.  K11 says he heard him try last week one morning but I hadn't heard it yet.  He doesn't quite have it down yet but he's at least trying.  And he is getting huge!  He is bigger than even the big girls now.  The little girls are still a little smaller than the big girls but they are gaining fast.  Hopefully this hot weather won't hold them back.
It has been too hot to do much outside but V and I did spend an hour in the pool with the boys this afternoon after I got home from work.  The water is so warm it's almost not even refreshing anymore.  But it was still a lovely time.
Now, we're watching an old movie on TV and enjoying the wonder of air conditioning.


  1. It's bad here too...I'm thinking about putting a child's wading pool out in my chicken run. Think they'd bathe like wild birds do in the birdbath? It might just freak them out. lol

    Put up some tomatoes and have peaches to freeze today off the little tree. Supposed to hit 101 again today. This is madness!

    Take care and stay cool!

  2. Isn't it insane? I'm kind of glad I decided to forego my summer vacation to MN this year! I would have been a little peeved if we spent money we didn't have on a vacation that was as hot as it is here LOL!!! I hope it cools off for you soon, the heat is just miserable.

  3. I will trade weather with you. It has been unseasonably cold here. We bought a pool a week and a half ago and have only been able to use it once. I am hoping for an Indian Summer so we can enjoy a bit of warm weather before the rain returns.

  4. We haven't had it in the 100s yet but we've been hitting 90+ which is pretty unusual for us this far north (almost to Canada). Our chickens are lucky that they have a big grove of bushes and trees in their pasture that stays fairly dark and cool. They hang out there A LOT in this weather.

  5. Today was a few degrees lower here so hopefully tomorrow will be nicer for you.

    Pity the mosquitoes haven't given up!


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