Saturday, July 23, 2011

A chicken post

It has been a while since I did a chicken post.  I thought I would give you a few highlights.
They are, unfortunately, still using the temporary run.

 We are planning to order some lumber soon for the deck extension and the supplies for the run will be ordered at the same time.  While we could haul most it in the van, the roof sections wouldn't fit and since we will be having a delivery made, it's just easier to have it all delivered together.
Magnus is growing, and crowing... still his trial run crow- I hope, it makes me laugh every time I hear it!
 Buffy is definitely the queen of the flock.
 And a question for those of you more familiar with chicken breeds.  I'm still trying to figure out our 'mystery' layers from the farm store.  Here is Claudia:
 And Eddie:
 I'm thinking maybe Rhode Island Reds?  Any opinions would be welcomed.
Below is Georgie (ameraucana) with her blue-green feet.  I do think she's beautiful. Also in the bottom right corner is Abbie, a silver-laced Wyandotte.
 Micah, one of the barred rocks likes standing in the water.  She did a lot of this during the recent heat wave.
 The big girls are about 17 weeks old now, the little ones 12 weeks.
They do like clucking around.
I  can't wait to get them in the big run.  But most of all, I can't wait for that first egg!!


  1. i would say they are rhode island reds. Mine look similar and are RIR mixed with white rock. 3 of mine started laying at 15 weeks. We were so excited.

  2. Erin- aren't they beautiful!!
    Scott- thanks for the info. These came from the bin of 'rainbow layers' at the feed store. I think it is the catch-all for the hatchery. I'm so jealous that yours started laying so early. But Micah's face is getting really red so I'm hoping soon!! I keep checking!

  3. Hi Judy!
    Oh yeah, definitely first flock was all Rhodies, they are so gorgeous! And they are very weather tolerant as well...I only have one of them left now, the others died of natural causes.

    The Rhode Island rooster was the meanest bird I have ever had. lol When they were little, I held and petted and thought I had them all totally used to human contact, but when he grew into his "job" as ruler of the roost, all that went by the wayside. He perceived everything as a threat to his girls...

    Nice pics! Stay cool!

  4. We just got our first....what should have been eggs today, three possibly but the shells are still to thin....checking tomorrow again. Our girls are 17 weeks this week


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