Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday scenes

And a variety of other things for a busy weekend.
It's definitely the dog days!
The heat and humidity are horrendous! But we still accomplished a few things today and this weekend.
This is my morning project:
 I got landscape fabric and mulch down around the currants.  Hopefully this way the raspberries won't take them over.  V and I got out by about 7 this morning before the heat got too oppressive.  Here is V's project for the weekend:
 He's been working on finishing and insulating the office area in the shop.  Poor guy, he has been out there much of the day in the heat and humidity.  I made sure he had plenty of fluids.
A few other scenes of the day.  I moved my bird bath into the flower/herb garden on the edge of the garden.
 This is the area that has lots and lots of gravel in it so I planted it in perennials to attract pollinators to the garden.  Yes, it needs weeded.
But just so you don't think we're totally devoid of bees:
 Still not many but a few.  The anise hyssop is drawing them in.  
And the day lillys are beautiful.
 And today, when J17 and I were out grocery shopping and errand running. We stopped at Lowe's (we got a trellis for the new climbing rose) and got a treat:
 A potted Meyer lemon!  And it already has little lemons on it!!!
 I have wanted one of these for a long time.
And my freebie plants are thriving:
Nothing like a little TLC.
Other things this weekend,  I froze a bunch of corn.  J17 was my spotter at the farmer's market on Saturday morning and called me to let me know that the sweet corn has arrived.  So I struck a deal with one of the vendors for 5 dozen ears.  We saved a few for dinner but froze most of it.  I'll probably get more in the future.  We didn't plant any sweet corn of our own and my parents aren't having much luck again this year.
My other impulse buy this weekend was a pair of sandals.  We had stopped in to pay the bill at a local store and they had a pair of sandals- you know, those padded sport ones, on the discount rack for $3!!  And in my size.  Ok, they are kind of ugly, but for three bucks I now have a new pair of sandals that I won't feel bad about getting filthy. And a bonus- they are incredibly comfortable!
It seems like the weekend has flown by.  I still have so many things I want to accomplish.  I need another vacation... but not the next few days... it is going to be in the mid 90's all week with high humidity.  I guess summer has truly arrived.


  1. Sounds llike things around here...except you got SO much more accomplished than I did! lol

    My aniuse hyssop looks like yours, and my corn isn't doing well either. grrr...this is one reason I nearly NEVER plant takes up so much space and is such a gamble. oh well..a friend and I are going to get together and freeze massive amounts of corn next week at her house. We'll keep at least one place cool. I've got peaches gonna be ready next week too...

    Stay cool and take's dangerous out there.

  2. What the heck is wrong with you Judy, it's too HOT for all that garden stuff LOL! I know you are experiencing some horrid temps, I feel for you. It's headed our way tomorrow, ugh!

  3. Thanks for taking me into your garden. I sure do miss mine. I've spent so little time out there this summer I can't believe it. Oh well . . . I can't be in two places at once. I'll appreciate it all the more next year. And I'm so happy about what we're getting done inside on the remodeling . . . so I should stop complaining. Anyway, thanks for your garden pictures.

  4. Enjoyed looking at all your pretty flowers! It's just too hot for V to be working outside. Can't you lock him in the basement? My basil is huge, had no idea it got so large!! You inspired me to buy it, and the smell is so nice! Hope you all stay cool...debbie


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