Friday, July 22, 2011


I'm feeling a bit peevish today...  Must be the heat.  There are little things that have annoyed me today more than usual... and it's NOT my children- they have been great.  What's annoying me today?  Here are some examples-

  • Perfectly healthy young people (who look like they work out regularly) with empty hands who insist on pushing the handicapped door opener while they are most of the way through the door after I have opened it.
  • People who believe that every forwarded email sent to them is the truth- without checking any facts.
  • People who engage in fear-mongering in the name of religion.
  • Obviously overweight, unhealthy people filling their grocery carts with cupcakes, chips and processed food (normally I feel sorry for these people, today I was just annoyed)
  • People who drive by the farmer selling sweet corn out of his truck on the corner to spend a dollar more per dozen for imported corn at the grocery store.
  • People who extoll the virtues of W**mart.
  • The government- who just can't seem to get it's act together.
  • The weather- after a lovely 1 inch rainfall and a cool morning it had the nerve to get up to 93 again today and there are heat advisories in effect AGAIN for the weekend.
What's annoying YOU today??


  1. when able bodied people won't open a door for me when I'm carrying my 20lb. 5.5 month old in his carseat.

    your #4 particularly at work, shouldn't a hospital only offer healthy foods?

    the lack of realistically priced good quality homes in this area.

  2. need to amend the last one of the list... just found a nice little period starter home exactly in our price range during a late night search. Hoping to see it in person in the next few days, cross your fingers!

  3. #1 gets me too! My kids get yelled at if they even THINK about pushing the handicapped button! I try to teach them instead to hold doors open for those people that need it.

  4. All of your list plus people who keep trying to take things even when they are told "no" firmly. They take without giving. Those types.

  5. Mean people. It seems that I have the (ahem) good fortune to work with many of them. Especially mean, back-biting women. That drives me nuts. Women should be supportive of one another.

    I love your list.


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