Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday scenes

I'm not feeling like I'm getting much done.  The dog has been waking me up at night so I haven't been sleeping well.  And it has been HOT!  Even now, at nearly 7 pm, it is still near 90 degrees and with dewpoints in the upper 70's it is pretty miserable out there.  We had a brief shower come through this morning.  Not enough to even wet the ground but enough to make it unbearably humid.  I did weed for about an hour and a half this morning before the rain.  Still a lot to do but it's too humid to be out there for long.  But, here are a few scenes of the day (hmm, interesting, Blogger reorganized my photos for me- so these are now in no particular order).
The broom corn is growing well, loving the heat but it could use some rain.
 I did venture out in the heat (with boys as firemen, just in case) this afternoon to burn weeds in the gravel of the courtyard:
 It was kind of fun but hot and smokey.  I14 didn't think I actually meant it when I said I was going to use a flame thrower.
The day lilies are beginning to bloom.
 The boys have been spending hours saving the world on the x-box.  They have been helping outside but in the heat of the day I'm not even cruel enough to make them go out.
 Recognize this fellow (or lady)?  I actually haven't seen many this year...and so far only on the smartweeds.  Who knows.
 The hostas are also blooming- check out the haze in the background.  You can see just how humid it is.
 Finally, the goth garden, all mulched and lovely.
Hopefully I can get out early tomorrow (without having to take a break for church) and get some more done in the garden.  Only 2 days left.


  1. I think your missing the point of a vacation;) It is to take at easy! Dont worry if you dont get enough done. Just enjoy the family and a summers day.

  2. This was actually planned as a 'working vacation' to get caught up on outside stuff. V and J17 will be starting the return trip home on Monday morning. While the boys would have been quite capable of staying home by themselves, this presented itself as a perfect excuse to take a few days off. I have been enjoying a nap or two in the afternoon.
    And really, do any of us take 'real' vacations?

  3. LOVE the goth garden. sounds like we're living under the same humidity!

  4. Love your Hollyhocks!! Your flower garden looks really nice. It was 92 here and the humidity hideous. I'm sure the weather will improve when you head back to work!! ...debbie

  5. I think that's because the Japanese Beetles are HERE! I have them in record numbers down here this year LOL. Love that shot of the corn!


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