Saturday, August 27, 2011

Late Summer Saturday

 I'm feeling a little guilty today.  While others are struggling with hurricanes, we are enjoying this:
A nearly picture perfect late summer day.  The temperature is in the mid 80's, the sun is shining, it is breezy and there is hardly a cloud in the sky.  Of course, I would welcome some rain but we are in much better shape than many.
I thought I'd share a few other photos of the day.
The broom corn is ripening in the sun.  It is a multicolored variety with orange, purple and red grains.
 Beautiful.  I'm waiting for it to dry and we will harvest it for the chickens.  And maybe even make a broom!
This spring, I put down one of those mixed seed mats- I think it was for an English Cottage Garden.  It was old seed, got at a discount.  Of course, after I put it down, we had 6 inches of rain.  Then it stopped. We only got one plant that survived- but it is beautiful:
 And with V finished with his book and a few other paying projects, he has time for finishing projects around the house.  Like this:
 Finally we have the edging wall tile around the upstairs tub/shower surround!!
And I realized I haven't done a chicken update in a while.  Here is today's 'harvest':
 Three!!  And one is a regulation sized egg-  2.1 ounces!  We've got at least three laying: Micah, Buffy and Eddie that I know of.  Buffy and Eddie were in the nest box this morning not long before I found the first two eggs.  Then later there was another egg. I would suspect Micah since she has been laying for a few weeks now but the egg was really small and hers have been getting steadily bigger.  I'll have to keep my eyes open to see if I can figure out if someone else is laying.
Magnus is all grown up!
 And likes his ladies! The green sheen on his feathers is really something to see.
Hmm, maybe the new layer is one of the little girls.  Here is Zoey checking out the nest boxes.  She appears to be the most mature of all of the younger girls- even though they are all the same age.
 Below, Helen and River are hanging out on the roost.
I've noticed that both River and Georgie, the Ameraucana's are both smaller than the others.  I think they will always be smaller. But I can't wait until they start laying... blue or green eggs sounds delightful.
I do hope all in the hurricane's path stay safe.  If possible, send a little rain our way.


  1. We've had a nice semi sunny day today. Light breeze. Have been calling all our friends in Irene's way. So far so good! Congrats on the 3 eggs!! Making progress!! Your one flower is really pretty. What is it? Kinda resembles a mini Hibiscus...debbie

  2. It was beautiful here too but it looks like rain is coming soon. I've heard from a few online friends on the southern end of Irene. They are saying it wasn't as bad as expected. I hope its losing its momentum! Your chickens are so cute!

  3. Woo hoo, after 2 weeks, my computer's back online!

    Your bathroom is going to be beautiful! I know you must be getting excited about it.

    Love the photos. I grew broom corn for the first time this year and love how graceful it's bending heads look.

    Enjoy your weather. Who knows what the future will bring. We all get both good and lousy weather, just not all at the same times!


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