Wednesday, August 24, 2011

T is for..

TRUSTWORTHY- I try very, very hard to follow through on things I say I will do.  I'm not perfect but it really bugs me if I let someone down.  I can also keep secrets if necessary.
TENDER HEARTED- emotional things can get to me pretty easily.  I'll admit it, I have been known to get teary at TV commercials!!
TEACHER- I love helping others learn things.  I worked as a teacher for a while when we lived in Virginia and even after changing careers I love having students with me.
TRYING- Ok, this word can be taken several ways.  I can be quite trying to deal with at times- just ask V!!  I also am usually willing to try new things.  An lastly, I am trying to make my life what I have envisioned- to build my dream.  I may never get things just the way I want them to be but it is the journey that counts, not the destination.
TOMATO- I love them- they are so easy to grow, so easy to preserve and SO, SO tasty.  For no other vegetable do I have a sort of ritual for the first one.  But, every year there is the ritual of the first tomato: eaten in the garden, still warm from the sun, while giving thanks for the bounty to come. It wouldn't be a garden without tomatoes.
TIMELY- kind of like the trustworthy stuff- it really bothers me to be late.  I HATE to be late places and try very, very hard to be on time.
TALENTED- I have many talents.  Maybe even some I haven't discovered yet!  Or, maybe I should say that I've got many skills but not maybe not talents. I don't know- it's hard to say that you're talented- at least for me.

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  1. To me, anyone that is tender~hearted has to be trustworthy! They just go together! As for a teacher, your always teaching your kids all different kinds of things which I've thought was so great. Trying ties in with being stubborn!! It speaks for itself!! I hate to be late myself and don't understand why people who are late all the time...drives me nuts. That might go under "I" for impatience!! It is a fact that you are talented!! You blow my mind at the things you do!!!! ...debbie


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