Sunday, August 21, 2011

Need your sinuses cleaned out?

Come into my kitchen!!  Today was hot pepper relish day!  My nose is still running.
Some of the ingredients:
Making an appearance above, Bulgarian Carrot, Volcano (hot wax), Alma Paprika, anaheim, jalapeno and two bells.  By the time I thought to take a photo, I had already shredded the Tolli's Sweet Italian peppers.
I may not have many tomatoes this year but the hot peppers are doing well.  So:
 Shredded peppers, onions and garlic thanks to the food processor.  Sorry, I can't give you amounts- I used what I had and eyeballed the pepper/onion ratio.  I actually did two varieties of relish.  One with sweet italian peppers and onions and one with whatever other peppers I had lying around- mostly hot- along with the onions and garlic.
I used Mom's tried and true recipe for "pickled veggies".  I use this recipe for relish as well as mixed vegetable pickles.  It is very versatile.
Here goes- bring the following to a simmer:
2 cups water
3 1/3 cups white vinegar
1/8 cup canning salt
1/3 cup white sugar

Pack your choice of ingredients in sterile jars.  Pour hot liquid over all, take out the air bubbles- I use a chopstick to poke the bubbles out:
 Seal with hot lids and rings and process for about 20 minutes in a hot water bath. Mom says she processes for 15 to 25 minutes, depending on what is inside.
The liquid makes enough for about 5 pints. I did a one and a half recipe and got seven and a half pints of relish.  I was a tiny bit shy of having quite enough shredded veggies- as seen in the middle jar above.  They should be well packed in.
You can also do green tomatoes, carrots, green beans, celery and/or carrots.  Or just do cukes with dill and garlic to make dills. This is a great, versatile recipe that I've used many times.
After this sets for about a month, we will have plenty of relish for cheesesteaks and other hoagies.  Mmmm...  I also sometimes put little bits on a salad in the winter.  But, oh my goodness, the mixed pepper one is going to be HOT!  Those little orange Bulgarian Carrot peppers are vicious!


  1. I like mild stuff. Can't do hot. Makes my stomach hurt, hurt, hurt!! Looks really good - your produce is lovely!...debbie

  2. I packed something similar the other day, yum! Can't wait to put it on some grilled bratwurst this winter :)


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