Wednesday, August 17, 2011

N is for...

NICE- this one always seems like such a cop out in things like this but I really am a nice person ;)
NATURAL- I try to keep things as real as possible.  I gave up dying my hair and now it is it's natural shade of silvering brown.
NON-JUDGMENTAL - I tend to be quite accepting of everyone, no matter who.  Well... unless they are the judgmental type- I have little patience for narrow minded people.
NERD... or is it a geek.  I'm never sure... but I am one.  I like science and learning things.
NEEDY- I like having others care for me sometimes. And I can be quite needy at times.


  1. OF COURSE YOUR A NICE PERSON! THAT GOES WITHOUT SAYING!!! I'd like to give up coloring my hair...I just do the top, but I'd like to quit. Your NOT a nerd or geek. Don't be silly!! I like science, but probably not as well as you. Needy, I think being needy is a very good thing...debbie

  2. Debbie- you say nerd like it's a bad thing...


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