Monday, August 29, 2011

X is for...

Hmm... X-ray vision...  nope... Xylophone player... nope- only the old children's toys...  I'm fresh out of X words.  But X sounds... now that's a possibility.  Here goes...
EXCITED- I am thrilled that I will no longer be considered working full time starting this week.  Of course, 90% is pretty darn close but it is somehow symbolic.  I'm also excited about the possibilities for the future.
EXTREME- While many times my views or lifestyle can seem pretty mainstream- I can also live at the edges.
EXHAUSTED- I tend to go through cycles of energy and exhaustion.  I'm not very good at regulation.  I tend to go, go, go until I collapse.  Not very efficient.
EXHALING- I'm a firm believer in breathing.  Sometimes a few deep breaths can be helpful before panicking.
EXPRESSIVE- I can tell it like it is!
Only a few more letters left. Honestly, while this has been kind of fun- I'm glad I'm almost through the alphabet.


  1. I say x-files, since there are always so many unexplained things that happen on a homestead :)

  2. X was a hard one. I looked up X-words and there aren't very many!! What you have here is good, what a fun game!!...debbie

  3. I wondered how you'd deal with the letter X! Very clever.

  4. Everyone else was struggling, but I got to X and said "yay!"


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