Tuesday, November 16, 2010


...I am reminded of how "not normal" my children are. Sometimes it makes me worry about their ability to connect with their peers but mostly it brings me great pride and joy. Over the past few days K10 has been quite "musical" singing, humming and whistling while he works or plays. A few of the tunes I've noticed: The theme song from Poirot (PBS Mystery), Theme song from Blake's 7 (old British sci-fi) and the "warrior's song" from the movie Zulu. Pretty eclectic stuff, huh?
My children may have never watched "Dancing with the stars" but they can recite (with proper accents) entire scenes from The Good Neighbors (old British sit-com). Our TV is on the Discovery channel as much as on Cartoon Network and they get excited about watching Masterpiece Mystery on PBS. They even like the History Channel!
They are all readers and even K10 has read Tolkien and much of the Redwall series by Jacques. We play pun/ word games at the dinner table. And my children have been heard to say outrageous things like "That is the best cauliflower I've ever tasted" and "Can I have another carrot?" They like milk and apple cider better than soda and dislike fast food. They all LOVE steamed broccoli but don't like processed cheese.
So a question: With children like these, have I done well? Or as some of J16's friends have said "Your family is just so weird"- have I done them a disservice by helping them become so unique that they are considered odd?
I like to think I've done a good job... They seem comfortable with themselves.


  1. the definition of "weird" changes so much from the age of 16 to the age of 36. Things that are life-and-death important to your kids' peers will seem so insignificant when they are older. For example, as a teenager, I looked at families without cable with pity and thought they were weird - but I haven't had cable for over a decade now, and don't miss it.

    I don't think you have too much to worry about. :)

  2. I'd like to say "well done"! - probably because I have one up and coming very similar child LOL!

  3. Are THEY happy??? I believe that is the only question. And from what I've read---they are!! And that's ALL that matters.
    You've done a terrific job of raising them.

  4. Steamed brocoli!?!
    I wish my kids were a little more 'weird'

  5. Hi Judy,

    I grew up in a non-weird family and now I am totally weird (off the chart, in fact). Sometimes I am struck by how normal and accepting certain people in my family are and how incredibly boring it is. They just accept whatever is on TV or whatever is "cool or acceptable" at that moment.

    Don't even question yourself on this one - you seem to have instilled critical thinking skills (very few people have those these days) and a good sense of self in your kids.

    p.s. PBS Sunday nights are my favorite too!

  6. You've done a terrific job Judy! Your family isn't as weird as you think! lol. Our kids watched those same shows and still do today in their early 30's. They sang 60's music because that's what I had on every radio in the house and car - they were thought to be weird for singing them. I think of it as "cultured"!! Nothing better than 50 & 60's music. They still love it today! Never doubt your momma skills! You are DOING A BANG UP JOB!!! ...debbie

  7. Thanks all. I wasn't really looking for pats on the back (although they feel great!)- this was more musing to myself. The children have all mentioned recently that people find them odd- they all find things funny that others don't "get". Generally, they are fine with this. Justine even says "Thank you" when someone calls her weird or not normal. They all have a great sense of self and generally aren't bothered by what others say but I still have that nagging voice in my head that maybe they need to "fit in" better. They don't like sports or things that others their age find enthralling.
    Jen- Thanks
    Kirsten- I agree, things and perspectives change so much as we grow up.
    Erin- keep up the good work!!
    Sue- they ARE happy so I'm not really worried
    Kris- yup, broccoli is the favorite veggie at our house ;)
    Angie- yeah, some people are so "normal". I've been pleased when the kids point out that they're glad they don't live in a "normal" home.
    Debbie- Thanks!! Justine likes the oldies as well.

  8. I had to laugh also because when I saw your reply I had just finished penning a poem on my blog about a chicken in my kitchen.... ummmmm who's the weird one now? LOL, luckily I seem to have a family that all shares the same type of odd behaviors in some way :)

  9. Judy they sound just like Compostgirl (9, 10 in 10 days....)

    Rejoice in the normalness of your offspring, remeber WE are the normal ones.....

    Compostgirl LOVES "The Good Life" which is what good neighbours was called in the UK, and asks for dried fruit as a snack. She hates fizzy drinks or artificial stuff and enjoys reading and music.

    Yes, she likes Justin Bieber as well, and HSM and hankers for a DS lite, but on the whole likes to be the way she is, and not " a sheep" for following the herd. (her words, not mine...)

    Your children sound delightful.

  10. In my mind, you've done awesome! What a rich life your kids live.

  11. I think you've done well. Your kids will grow up deliciously different and with broader horizons.

    and that what makes people interesting, not cookie cutter.

    I hope you're all proud of being in a weird family!

    variety is the spice of life.

    (yep I come from such a family. My parents ate only etnic foods and we never watched french french tv which is why I speak english well,gardening ,sewing and reading were the past times of choice. My mom made all my clothes and I've been called weird on more than one occasion)


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