Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Still plugging away

We're still working away.
But, I'm tired and V is tired.  I think we're working on new definitions of tired and sore...  We've both been working so hard that we've just about had it.  But we just keep on going....

Ok, enough whining.  I didn't sleep very well last night.  It was hot and humid last night and even with the windows open and the ceiling fan on, it was muggy and we didn't want to resort to the air conditioning this early in the year.  So, I'm extra whiny today.

Work was busy, busy, busy today.  And today was the last working day for one of my co-workers who is retiring.  So things will be even more wild for the next few months until our new person starts and gets oriented.
After work, I came home, made dinner and started in on the coop.  V and the boys worked on shredding some brush from the trees while J17 was off at her violin lesson.  Our chipper/shredder wasn't too happy with the still wet twigs we were trying to shred so they gave up after not too long. Then V came to help me.  I've got almost all the interior walls up and the floor is nearly dry.  My hope is that tomorrow I can finish the walls and maybe even get the flooring down.  Once the floor is down, we can't walk on it for a while so we can take a bit of a break.  Of course, V still has to make the chicken door and the clean out door. For those, we need to have the final siding up.  Fortunately, that shouldn't take too long to put up.  So, we're still working away.  If the weather holds, I hope to have the big girls out there soon.

J17 says she will feed and water the chicks for me tonight and change the bedding because I'm done.  Poke me with a fork done.
Now,  I'm having a guilty moment and watching Chopped on the Food Network.  Soon I will go to bed. It isn't as humid tonight but I'm so tired I don't think it would matter if it wasn't.


  1. I can't believe you are still working so hard, I think after that storm I would give up for awhile LOL, you are definitely on a mission and you deserve a break!

  2. I know how you feel. We took on a little too much this spring, and while I'm amazed at how much we've accomplished, I'm also very aware that we are getting tired earlier every day! And then the not sleeping good thing, I think that's part of it. Hang in there, you are making great progress!

  3. That is a bad habit - guilt because you are taking 20 mins for yourself! Stop it! LOL, now go take a nice cool shower and jump into bed. And get some rest. (Yes, mother.)


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