Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Degrees.. that is. That is the current heat index here (just before 4 pm). Yowza! 98 degrees and 55% humidity. dewpoint of 82 . Oosh. And I get to walk downtown to catch the bus soon. I'm glad I've got my water bottle with me.
Doesn't look like I'll be getting into the garden tonight. But that cold, cold pool may look pretty inviting.
Update- it's nearly 8 pm and the heat index is still 108. Sounds like some of the weather that's been going on out on the east coast. With all the rain we've had all it took was some hot weather to move in and it gets unbearable. With dewpoints in the 80s it's bound to be miserable.

Oh, and yes, the pool was lovely!


  1. Ninety eight is pretty darn hot!! It's been in the mid 80's this week so far but going up starting tomorrow. But still not as bad as last week, so I won't complain. I'm sorry you have to walk to the bus stop in all this heat. How about an umbrella?? lol ...debbie

  2. I have to agree...the pool is the perfect place to be!

  3. Sorry to hear, Judy, I didn't send it your way I promise! Any dewpoint above 70 anymore is just pure torture. I can't garden in that, no matter how much I tell myself I can do it - nope!


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