Monday, July 12, 2010

Another rainy IDC

It's Monday, and of course, that means rain, right? We had almost an inch this afternoon (as I was waiting for V to pick me up so we could run errands- yup, timing is everything!) It is supposed to be sunny and hot for the next two days so V and the children are finally planning to set up our pool tomorrow. It's frightening to think that they only have five and a half weeks before they go back to school. Unbelievable!
But, being Monday, it's time for my Independence Days update. Here goes:
1. Plant something- I did manage to plant the rest of the perennial flowers I got on clearance but I still have shrubs I need to get in the ground. I'm getting REALLY impatient to get this septic system done (waiting for the weather to cooperate!) since it's cramping my planting plans.
2. Harvest something- peppers, one tasty little eggplant, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, beets and some herbs. Oh, and the onions- how could I forget them!
3. Preserve something- no but we're still eating out of last years stocks. The children opened the last jar (I think) of Summer Fruit Massacre (black raspberry/blueberry/peach jam) from last year.
4. Waste not- nothing much new here.
5. Want not- Ok, this isn't exactly frugal or prep related but we ordered new bedroom furniture (well, matching dressers anyway). Our old house had these huge built-in drawers that were used for a combination of linens and mine and V's clothes. I finally decided that I was tired of living out of a suitcase (Yes, my socks and underwear have been in a suitcase for an entire year!!) We were just going to order the one but went home and measured and decided to get the matched set so both V and I will have plenty of drawer space. My winter sweaters can now have a home other than a box! They are really pretty and one thing that I loved about these dressers is that they have cedar lined drawers. Pretty awesome. They have to be ordered so we're not sure how long it will take to get them but after a year in a suitcase- what's a few more weeks.
6. Build community food systems- not a thing. I was hoping to go to the farmer's market Saturday morning but it just didn't happen. Maybe this weekend.
7. Eat the food- no problem here! Tonight we had eggplant, pepper, tomato sauce over some whole grain bow tie pasta. Fresh eggplant, onion and anaheim chili from the garden and tomato sauce from last year. Mmmm... On Saturday, J16 and I made homemade egg rolls with our very own cabbage, carrots and onions.

Now, it's another busy week. We're trying to figure out when we can take a real vacation this year- somewhere fun and not a whirlwind trip. We'll see.


  1. Summer Fruit Massacre sounds divine! Might have to try doing something like that next berry season!

  2. Our eggplant plants have been growing so slowly. How long did yours take to fruit?

  3. Erin- the Summer Fruit Massacre started because I didn't have enough berries to make jam so I added peaches. It ended up tasting fantastic. The children named it- of course!
    Meemsnyc- thanks for stopping by. I started my eggplant the same time as my hot peppers (slightly before my tomatoes) and set them into the garden with everything else- here that is mid May. One thing about eggplant- they like it hot so be sure to choose the hottest, sunniest part of the garden and mulch them well to hold the moisture. Honestly, I was surprised by this one. The other ones that have set on are smaller than ping pong balls still. Who knows!?

  4. I think you deserved a new bedroom set by golly!! Those undies need a proper home!! I imagine the kids are excited about the pool being set up. It just takes forever to fill them up! ...debbie

  5. Great harvest! Yes, I am still eating through the jars of last summer... Hoping to get cleared out in the next week or two. And the new bedroom furniture - you and V deserve that! A good investment in your house and your sanity :-)


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