Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stories of the birds and the.....

bats! And fireflies! You were thinking this was going to be a racy post, weren't you!? Shame on you. Where is your mind?

The boys and I spent time outside this evening doing catch and release with fireflies. We were fascinated to see the bats emerge and begin to swoop and spin above us. I was glad to see them since they will help reduce the mosquito population that has exploded with all the rain we have had.
But the big news is the bird. We have known for a while that we had owls around. We have heard them and found feathers (and pellets- eww) But it wasn't until Sunday night that we saw one. And what a surprise it was. We discovered that we have a Great Horned Owl in residence. Pretty cool! V saw it again last evening and we have seen swooping shadows before this in the early evening or early morning but hadn't gotten a good enough view to identify it. We were hoping to see the owl this evening while out catching fireflies but no luck. Maybe another night.
The boys and I also took an after dinner quick dip in the pool. The guys set up the pool today in the riding arena and by this evening had it filled. Let me tell you, the water straight from the well is freaking cold!!! But, it is supposed to be in the 90's tomorrow (we've got a heat advisory) so hopefully a few solar rays will warm it up a bit.
This weekend is Solon Beef Days- a community festival in the little town just North of us. The parade on Saturday morning is legendary. The last time I took the children a few years ago they got so much candy that they each burst the zipper on gallon ziploc bags. That's a LOT of candy. They also have music and games and fun things like a hay bale toss contest. It should be fun so we're planning to make a trip.
Now, I've got a load of laundry to finish up before bed. Have a great day tomorrow.


  1. My friends always thought I was nuts out here for filling our pool in April, but we (amazingly) have well water so it would take awhile to warm up to their city water fills! I love owls but can't stand their eating habits... I still remember the first time I found a dead beheaded bunny in the yard - I was yelling at Sprocket (she's a terrier mix) when my hubby ran out and told me owls only eat the heads and sure enough, found 2 more baby rabbits with no heads! Hate picking those up. Have fun this weekend, tell your hubby not to throw his back out at the hay bale contest hahaha!

  2. Owls.... Very cool :-) Do you think that there are others around as well? I saw a tufted owl once (not at my home, though, on a trip) and it was a very special sight. Hope you all have fun this weekend.

  3. I used to get paid $2 per owl pellet for a college level biology class. It usually earned me enough for a night out on the town on the weekend.

    You should try dissecting some of those pellets. I was fascinated looking at all the bones within them (when I found one not intact enough to sell) and trying to figure out what they came from.

  4. I would like having an owl living near me. Help keep the mouse population down and chipmonks. Hopefully you'll get a photo of him one fine day or night. Bet the kids will have a ball in the pool!!
    My grandkids live in ours....debbie


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