Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random photos of the day

Now I know why they call it Black Pearl!
Rudbeckia. The bugs haven't been kind to the leaves.
The first cuke is growing!!!
Too hot to work outside tonight. We're expecting storms later tonight but the weekend looks good so far. Cross your fingers.
We had the first few tomatoes from the garden: Healthkick (hybrid) Cherry Roma (heirloom) two Mortgage Lifters (heirloom) and three from a volunteer that I thought would be a yellow cherry but is something red and on the small side. I wonder if it is a Bloody Butcher from last year since it had fairly thin walls and lots of pulp. I didn't have any seed saved from those last year so didn't plant any this year. So, that would be cool. Anyway- it was tasty! And I ate one warm in the garden. Mmmm... The first tomato is always eaten in the garden- it's a kind of ritual of thanks that I do every year. (that and I don't want to share with anyone!!!)


  1. orkiesYour garden seems to be doing well! Despite the weather. Yum, I can taste that tomato now...oooooh. so yummy!! I saw the little black pearls! very pretty. Are they edible? The bugs are thick as weeds this year. darn things - both of them!! ...debbie

  2. I love little rituals like that, they really put me at ease. It's hot, darn hot I saw two trees fighting over a dog!! So yeah I have not been in the garden very much and even then its later in the evening close to dusk.

  3. How does the Mortgage Lifter do for you? That is one heirloom I haven't tried, I think it was developed in West Virginia so it might do okay for me here.

  4. I love my Mortgage Lifters. They have performed well for me up until last year. They were the first to sucumb to the blight so I didn't get to save any seeds from them. Fortunately, I had some old seed that camu up. I think they are really tasty are a lovely pinkish red color. You should try them. If you want, I can send you some seed if I get any saved this year.


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