Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Things I dream of....

Maybe they'll come to be... maybe not. Here are just a few of the more selfish ones:
- the upstairs bathroom finished.
- a red leather couch for the basement (with zebra pillows)
- a ride from London to Venice on the Orient Express
- the septic system installed
- a week on a tropical island with perfect weather and someone to bring me drinks with little umbrellas
- having my children do chores without being hounded
- a producing orchard
- a garden without weeds
- having beehives
- time to do everything I want

What do you dream of?


  1. If you figure out how to get the chores done without complaint you need to share the secret... LOL!

  2. I wish for decent weather to do everything I want! Lately I have had the time, but it's 100 outside so still nothing is getting done!

  3. My list is so long it wouldn't fit on the page :-). The biggest of course is to live at the farm. that would take care of having the time to do everything on the list. A red leather couch with zebra pillows... I can picture that...

  4. Less rain..
    No mud in the garden...
    No weeds..

    Love the idea of red couch...with quilts to sit on in the winter so the leather isn't cold..

    Have a great weekend ahead..will be pulling weeds..And no rain for 3days...YEAH....


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