Saturday, July 3, 2010

Meet the new kids

While I was running around with errands and grocery shopping this morning, I discovered that the garden center at our local grocery was closing everything was 75% off. So, I picked up a few things. Call me an impulse shopper. I can't pass up a plant sale!
The new kids.
Mostly, they are perennial flowers that will be great for attracting butterflies and bees. They are terribly root bound but I picked the ones that looked in the best shape. Some have already found homes around the base of the flagpole and others will fill out our flower bed in front of the house.
Blooming Veronica
I also got a gallon pot full of horseradish. I looks like three crowns in there. Now just to find it a home. Oh, and I also got a stevia plant that promptly went into a bigger pot.
Inspired by this find, I stopped by another garden center on my way home and discovered that they had all trees and shrubs 50% off. So, after lunch, I grabbed V and we went to check it out.

The other new guys.
We've been looking for some shrubs to make a better screen between the house and the highway. We picked up two shrubby spruce and two holly bushes (a male and a female). I fell in love with holly when we lived in Virginia and have wanted to have some ever since. We never had room when we lived in town so now is my chance. We also selected a huge hardy azalea, even though I have no idea where we will put it. Our final purchase was an 8+ foot pear tree. It is a beautiful tree and for $13, we couldn't pass it up. All in all, we got 5 shrubs and a huge pear tree for $66. I suppose we will have to get another pear tree for a pollinator but we've got next year to continue expanding the orchard.
Now I have more things to plant- like I didn't already have enough to do this weekend.

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  1. I got a pear tree, currant bushes and chokecherry bushes from the extension office this year. I'm feeling a bit of pear tree envy now though, mine is a stick with two leaves so far.


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