Monday, July 5, 2010

The 4th before the rain

We ended up skipping out on the fireworks in town last night. We went downtown for Jazz Fest and the fireworks were to begin after the last show. Unfortunately, early evening the sky opened and it POURED!! So we bugged out- much to the disappointment/anger/teen angst of J16 who was seeing her boyfriend for the first time in over 3 weeks. Poor thing- before you feel too bad for her- she had already been there for several hours longer than the rest of us. Evidently they did actually set off the fireworks but at the time it was drizzling and miserably hot and sticky outside. The boys, at least, were fine with it. They discovered that there was a Star Wars movie marathon on TV so were pleasantly distracted.
But we did get a lot accomplished during the day before the rain hit (oh, and we had another additional inch overnight so more work in the garden is off limits for today).
See, I do actually do some work.
Not the most flattering picture- thanks V. We planted our new pear tree since it was so tall that the wind kept blowing it over and we were afraid it would be damaged.
Look at the size of that thing!
Now, remember, I13 is taller than I am- probably about 5'7" at this point (we haven't measured recently). What a lot of tree for the price. After dropping J16 off downtown yesterday afternoon to meet her friends, I stopped by a different nursery to check out what they have since they are also having a half price sale- but they had already closed for the 4th.
I also did a LOT of weeding in the garden- but didn't get to pulling out my old broccoli- sigh.
But I did stop to take some pictures in the herb/flower garden out there.
The foxglove is lovely.
The anise hyssop is beautiful and really does smell like anise.
J16 and I will have to experiment with some teas soon. I don't see getting any dried this year- they have already started blooming. But we can try out some combinations. If it ever gets dry enough to cross the wetland, I want to check out the wild mint growing at the base of one of the hills.
On tap for today is some inside work. We are working to move one of the support posts in the basement (adding two new ones on either side) to open up an area so we can have a room without the post in the middle of the room. Before you panic- we have had experience with this before at our old house and we have built enough secondary supports that we should be OK when we swap out the beams. But, with old houses, anything can happen.


  1. haha, that made me laugh... when we moved our support beams my mom was visiting and she didn't want to sleep here, and my hubby has a construction background LOL! Ah, teenage girl angst... I remember it well, maybe she can spend some time venting in the Goth Garden?!! My kids were excited about the Star Wars marathon, too. Looks like you are getting lots of work done!

  2. We ended up driving south to my old haunts and saw the fireworks along the river. They ended up with just a light rain several hours before the start and a nice cool breeze coming down the river to keep the bugs away. It was the first time my daughter has stayed awake for the show after sleeping through the last two years.

  3. I didn't get to see any fireworks either, but not because of the weather, I was just too tired to get in the car with Kelly and Madison! Your tree is huge! your flowers are so pretty! You did a great job with your shovel! lol too hot around here to dig any hole! Going to be in the mid to high 90's all week. Thursday may get to 98-100 - the worse day...debbie

  4. Good luck on the house construction! Just the sound of that terrifies me - I'm a house-renovation phobic. your experience is being well used though, I'm sure it'll be fine.
    The herb teas - some of my herbs have started to bloom too, but the spearmint and peppermint are going strong, and I've been drying them as well as using them fresh in teas, and it's delicious! And seeing your pear-tree picture, I'm in pear-envy


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