Friday, July 16, 2010

KinderGARDENS- mid July

Wow, I can't believe that it is already mid July. And we've been in our current home for one year. I looked back and one year ago today, I was rejoicing that we finally had internet access and I could post photos of the move. It doesn't seem like that long. Things have definitely changed in the past year but we are still living in a construction zone and the garden and land are very slowly taking shape.
I took a tour outside with my camera today, checking out the Goth Garden for a KinderGARDEN update.
Black Pearl- again
Yeah, I know, I've posted pictures of it before but I do think I'm in love with this one.
The heat is taking it's toll.
Many things are looking wilted in the noonday sun. Even things in the garden are looking a bit droopy.

But not the boys (can you see them? They were trying to hide)
Welcome to our beach. The sand riding arena is quickly becoming grass covered (we're not spraying it with herbicide which I'm sure has happened in past years) but it still makes a great beach and the pool is essentially out of sight of the road. In case you're wondering- the wading pool is the foot washer to keep sand and mud out of the big pool.
I continued my walk around to look at what else was blooming. Having been not grazed for nearly two years now and being too wet for V to go crazy on his mower, lots of wildflowers are making an appearance. I've got pictures of a few. My camera is still being screwy about focusing so some didn't turn out as I would have liked.
Wild Bergamot (Bee Balm)
I've always loved this one. We have a whole hillside of it. Mmm.
A new one for me. Monkey flower.
I had to look this one up in my field guide. I also discovered that we have Agrimony and Wood Sage, among many others. The butterflies are thick this year but they never seem to hold still long enough for me to get their picture. They must be shy.
But these little guys weren't:
Simyra henrici
The Cattail Caterpillar
Oddly enough, on the cattails.
My field guide to insects wasn't enough for this one. It doesn't have many caterpillars in it. But thanks to the world wide web, I could figure this one out. These guys (or girls) will turn into moths- but not very spectacular ones. Oh well. They can't all be rock stars.


  1. Yay caterpillars! We had a kiddie pool as a foot washer outside the other pool too LOL!

  2. Great post...yes that heat can make things so very droopy! But never kids who have a pool. We've thought about getting one your like it?

    If we do there will certainly be a wading pool at the bottom...brilliant! Kim

  3. Kim- yes, we love our pool. We got it at the end of the summer last year when it was on a discount. This year we sprang for a salt water system so we don't have to deal with the chlorine mess. So far we LOVE the salt water system. The water looked a bit like tea for the first few days because of the iron in our water but it has cleared out and we have just come in from about an hour and a half out there as a family. It was heaven. The water is warm and feels soft due to the salt.

  4. I get a kick out of your goth garden. My dd is 18...3 years ago it would have been the perfect thing to grow for her.

  5. Very nice photos of your garden! Love the two pool system!


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