Sunday, July 11, 2010

NOW it's summer!

Today's harvest
A few errant broccoli from the plant that refuses to die. This is the third cutting off this plant! Alas, its life is forfeit. It will now be compost.
But, now for the important news that signifies summer. We had the first stuffed hot peppers for dinner!!! YUM! Look at the size of those Anaheims! A little cream cheese, a little cheddar, pop them in the oven. Heaven! ALMOST as good as the first beefsteak tomato warm from the garden. (and we have a few starting to turn!!)
There are also a few teeny tiny cucumbers and blossoms on the pumpkin. Summer is definitely here.


  1. I'll say summer is was 102 in South Carolina the first day we arrived. It was like an oven! Your veggies are beatuiful! Cabbage is so pretty! My flowers are dying and the grass is turning brown from all the heat. But it rained this morning!

  2. I always find it fascinating what ripens when. We harvested our first full size cuke today, but hot peppers and still far in the future and the earliest tomatoes are just starting to flush.

  3. Sometimes I freeze my green chilies with a stick of cheese inside. Then I thaw them, lay them side by side in a casserole dish, and pour over a mixture of egg, milk, and flour (for thickening) to make a faux chili relleno casserole. It is yummy!

  4. Limpingalong- Thanks for stopping by! Your idea for freezing chilies sounds fabulous! Thanks for the hint!


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