Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Believe...

Kim, over at The Inadvertent Farmer, the gracious hostess of the Kindergardens Challenge gave us another assignment this week. We are to look around and report what we believe about our gardens right now. So, here are some highlights..
I BELIEVE that someday we will have apples on this tree.
I BELIEVE that this is the prettiest Bee Balm I've ever seen!
I BELIEVE that this daylily will survive it's move and flourish in its new home.
I BELIEVE that bumble bees can fly!!
Even though according to the laws of physics, they shouldn't be able to...
I BELIEVE that our little apples are getting big.
I BELIEVE that we have onions! Harvested this afternoon.
A much better harvest than last year.
I BELIEVE this is the first purple pepper flower I've ever seen.
I BELIEVE I was surprised when I reached down to pull a weed and discovered this.
An eating sized eggplant!!!

And finally, I BELIEVE that my children are silly.

That carrot came up accidentally while weeding. We couldn't let it go to waste!


  1. Congrats on the eggplant! I have a hard time growing them.
    This was a cute post!

  2. Great photos! You've got a green thumb. It's so great to see more and more family's growing their own food. It's so much healthier.

  3. The day lily is beautiful. And the apple tree - I believe it is a hopeful thing :-) Seeing it grow....
    I love seeing the pictures of your garden.

  4. Yes - you will get apples!! I was surprised by mine in the second year this year! Is that the Litchi? It looks the same as mine right now, they certainly don't take over the world like other tomatoes, but mine only have a couple of marble sized fruit - interesting anyways LOL! That pepper plant is beautiful!

  5. Erin- yes, that is the bumblebee on the Litchi. We have a few fruit on but not very big. You're right- I thought it would take over more like a regular tomato. But, yeah, it's fun. Hopefully we will be able to save some seeds. If nothing else, the flowers are beautiful and it's definitely a conversational piece.

  6. Oh that is a cute video! Great little eggplant you are growing there...mine are just now blooming.

    You and your kiddos have a lot of good things to 'believe' in, great post! kim


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