Wednesday, July 28, 2010

News- good and bad

Sorry I've been absent for a bit. There has been a lot going on here and I've been a bit distracted. But I have much news:
Can you guess what got started today???
Yup, the new tank went in today
They ended up having to replace the line going from the tank to the house so V and the children ended up moving the iris and some of the flowers- AGAIN this afternoon. The contractor estimates that they should be done on Friday assuming the weather cooperates. The sand filter and leach lines still need to be installed but things are in the works. At least we can flush! It will take us a while to fill 1500 gallons so they have plenty of time.
It was a bit disconcerting to look out the kitchen window though!
In other good news (maybe), I will be canning some tomatoes this evening. I'm going to start with pints of diced tomatoes since we used all those I made last year and I still have quite a few quarts of sauce left. But look at these!
Black Krim, Jaune Flamme and Mortgage Lifter
Now, some not so good news. Both of my remaining uncles are hospitalized. Mom's brother fell over the weekend and broke his hip. He is hospitalized in Cedar Rapids. They had to wait to do surgery until his blood work was better since he has been on blood thinners for a long time following lots of pulmonary problems.
Dad's brother- his only remaining sibling- is the bigger stressor. He was admitted yesterday to the hospital where I work (UIHC- a major teaching hospital and trauma center). He was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and it wasn't found soon enough and he already has mets to the spine. He is now presenting with a bowel obstruction that they think may be another mass of cancer. They were hoping to be able to do surgery to resect the bowel but now aren't willing to take the risk. He is 86, has had several heart attacks and has congestive heart failure on a good day. So, they are most likely looking at hospice care. I stopped in a few times today to see them. All the children (my cousins) are coming in from all over the country so it was nice to see them- I just wish it were for better circumstances.
Well, I've gotta go start my tomatoes. I hope everyone else is having a good week. I'll try to catch up with all of you.


  1. Oh Judy, I am sorry to hear that news, I am sure it's very stressful on your family right now. I will keep your family in my thoughts and hope that everyone finds the strength to deal with the situation.

    The other photos all I could think was "gawd that looks expensive!" All that heavy machinery, I don't envy you but so necessary in the long run!

    That Jaune Flamme tomato is incredible looking, the inside is cool! How does that one taste? I am intrigued and taking notes for next year!

    Take care of yourself and your Dad especially, he'll need you all for some incredible support. Hugs...

  2. Judy, I so sorry to hear about your family's illness. It's hard when you have one sickness, and here you have two. Will keep them in my prayers.

    Your tomatoes look wonderful!! We have been enjoying our neighbors Beef Steak tomatoes. Had some tonight for supper.

    Hope all goes smoothly with the septic tank and the field. ...debbie

  3. Well, I think you can call this the week from H#$%.
    So sorry about all that is going on. It will get better.

    I had to BUY some from the Amish-they have hoophouses.

  4. Erin- the new septic sure ain't cheap! But, we knew it was coming so we set aside enough money from the sale of our old house to do it. We have this wonderful family operation doing the installation for us. They are from the small Amish/Mennonite town near us. And while they drive heavy earth moving equipment and have cell phones, they aren't too far from Amish! The one guy who was finishing up the day's work as I got home was so sweet and asked me "Maam, would you possibly have some nice cold water that you could put in my jug?" I don't think you can see it in the photos but he had a straw hat and suspenders. Too wonderful.
    The jaune flamme tomatoes are wonderful. They are such a great yellow/orange color and have a great taste. They are kind of like a yellow roma. Mmm. I'll have seeds if you're interested. The Black Krim are also great. It's my first time growing them as well.
    Debbie and Sue- thanks for the well wishes. I'll send some happy tomato thoughts your way.

  5. Wow...what a sight out of your kitchen window. Sorry to hear about your uncles.

    I hope soon we will have tomaotes, our weather has been less the ideal this year, sigh.

    Just a reminder that we are getting near the end of the kinderGARDENS series and I'm urging everyone to link up as often as possible with their best posts. Soon the judges will be looking them over!

    Have a happy Thursday! Kim

  6. Gorgeous looking tomatoes Judy! My mouth is watering. Sorry about your Uncles. Such a difficult thing to go through for all. I am thinking about you. xx


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