Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Just when I thought I was getting a handle on the stacks of produce lying around the house, my parents showed up.  Now don't get me wrong, I love my parents, and I really don't mind the bushel and a half of apples that they brought with them but I'm still working on the last batch I brought back with us from our last visit.  My parents had been to visit my aunt and uncle who live about an hour north of us (my parents live an hour south) so our house is a natural stopping point.  They have been doing the annual apple trips.  First, last week, to my sister in the DC area, now to the aunts and uncles (and me) and next week to my sister in Colorado.  They really DO have too much of an orchard for the two of them.  But, on the upside, we all get to reap the bounty of their land.  So, now I have more apples to store, a gigantic banana squash, and a bunch of green peppers.  The squash and peppers are welcome.  My squash all died (rot from too low-lying garden area and record setting rain this year) and my green peppers didn't do much- hot peppers I've got plenty.  So I guess it's back to canning a few more apples and drying some.  Maybe I'll try my hand at apple butter.  I made some killer ginger-pear jam a few weeks ago and some apple-green tomato chutney as well so maybe something different.  I've never attempted apple butter although my Mom used to make it when I was little.

This whole economic mess that we find ourselves in the middle of has me a bit worried.  I'm not in a panic by any means, but I'm glad I've got my freezer and pantry with a good bit of food put away.  My biggest concern is that we've been looking for land and with the credit crunch I'm a bit concerned that we won't be able to get a loan if we find something we like.  It was a bit heartening to have my Dad tell me that if anyone could get a loan these days he thought we would qualify.  That is big praise from the guy who has made frugal farming work for 70 years (they recently retired and are renting out the land).  Yeah, there is part of me that wants to move onto the family farm (been in the family since the mid 1800's) but it is also far from the day jobs for both my guy and I.  That, and I don't really want to FARM.  I just want enough land to be somewhat self-sufficient- to have a big garden and some fruit trees.  Enough space to let the kids and dog run free (well maybe not the dog) and maybe some chickens- not that my guy wants them- but the kids are enthused.  Don't know what will happen, but then, who does.

Have to watch the presidential debate tonight, not that I think it will sway my vote but I want to keep in touch with what's going on.  J14 is at her violin lesson tonight and V with her but they should be home in time to watch. 

What is that old mid-eastern curse? 
        May you live in interesting times!  

Unfortunately things look to get more interesting than we would all like.

Peace to all.  J

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