Sunday, October 26, 2008

J's big day

Robed and ready to go

Today was J14's confirmation.  Maybe this isn't a big event for some people but it was a reason to celebrate, a rite of passage in our church.  My MIL has been here (she left this afternoon) and my parents drove up for the ceremony and for the reception after.

Open House
After church we returned home and had an open house reception.  J14 got to be the first through the line (with my father looking on).  I'm amused to notice the box of empty mason jars under the sideboard- evidently something I missed in the cleaning frenzy.   We had 19 people here- friends and family to help us celebrate.  V's mother gave J14 the locket that she received at her confirmation many years ago that contains the pictures of her parents- J's great grandparents.  What a great gift!
Well, the party's over and now I'm tired.  But- no rest for the wicked or weary-  my parents brought me another bag of pears and a whole bunch of winter squash to store (2 banana, 5 acorn and 4 butternut)  Yum.  
Peace.  J

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