Thursday, October 16, 2008

Frost possible

Ok.  The house looks like a jungle again.  We finally brought the plants in from outside.  Now just to find room for all the things that accumulated in the places where we normally have the plants in the winter.  

We managed again this year to keep our trusty jalapeno pepper.  We put this in a large pot in the backyard, oh, probably 3 or 4 years ago.  Every winter we bring it in and every spring we take it back out.  It doesn't produce much over the winter- maybe only 1 or 2 peppers, but once it hits the outdoors again it goes wild.  It has almost a trunk by this time.  It really looks rather sad this year,  we had some yellow cherry tomatoes in the planter box next to it that took over everything in the neighborhood and we weren't very good at pruning them back.  But the trusty pepper still produced.  I counted 3 ripe ones and a few green ones on it yet.  
Hmmm.  I've got cream cheese and cheddar.... Mmmm, stuffed jalapenos.  YUM.
I need to work on apples again soon.  Now that the plants are in, my table that I had my boxes of apples is now unavailable. :(

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