Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall fun

Images of fall surround me.  The bees hungrily feasting, preparing for the winter months.  The leaves are changing: purple, gold and red.  K8 spent some quality time in the tree in the
backyard today after school.

He is my adventurer.  The one climbing trees, exploring in the 1870s barn on my parent's farm, chasing the chipmunks in the yard.  I envy his peacefulness and contentment with his world.  Oh, I know, he has his moments when the world isn't all glorious, but for the most part he is happy.

If you notice, he has different colored eyes.  It makes him unique and even more outrageous than he is anyway.  It's a dead give away in school though, for his open house they had a guessing game where you had to match the student with the description.  For example, I have blonde hair, I am 8 years old, etc. but when it got to the one brown eye, one blue eye, it was all over...
But he is ours.

I was over at Crunchy Chicken's this morning (I'm home sick from work) and signed up for the  freeze yer buns challenge.  We already keep it pretty cool in the house in the winter so it shouldn't be too traumatic.  More later.

Peace, J

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